Wednesday, March 23, 2005

me new toy

albeebo and buds
Originally uploaded by twoHandz.

ola y'all.

i recently took my husband for a weekend mini vacation at our favourite hidey hole. he's been working so hard that he's showing signs of a burn out.

a lil while after we've settled down in our hidey hole, he surprised me with a belated "valentine's" gift. a 1G iPod shuffle. should have seen the excitement and the joy on my face, in my actions and my screams!!

we were planning to have a afternoon nap... WHAT NAP?!! HOW CAN I SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!!

i've been meaning to get the iPod shuffle for myself, now my husband's gone and surprise me with one. with a man like that, how can i not love him with all my heart and soul :)

named it albeebo, as my ibook is named albee. i got iPod, i got iPod, nay nee nay nee boo boo, i got iPod :)