Friday, December 31, 2004

ushering in a brand new year

this will be my first new year as a wife. i recently got married and at midnite i'll be ushering the new year with the man of my life.

there have been recent events that saddens the heart. tsunami.even if for the grace of God i wasn't personally affected by the tragedy, i couldn't find any happiness or joy for the upcoming new year. then i read my sister-in-law's blog and it was uplifting. her writing made me see things from another angle. give a hand to the unfortunate and in turn heal ourselves.

thanks girl.

my sisters-in-law's posts

i took a look see at my sisters-in-law's posts and it amazes me the way they write that to a point, it moved me to tears. it felt as tho i'm just there in their minds and i'm absorbing all these words and feelings. it's surreal

kudos to the amazing ladies

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hubster's toesies

Hubster's toesies
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this was my hubster's toes taken when he was having some downtime during our lil getaway. it's so great to see him relax as he is always so busy and on-the-go with his work. many people can't understand why he works so hard and have no time for anyone or anything else. it's okay, i understand... love you hubs

Saturday, December 25, 2004


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little getaway

had a little getaway with my hubster. it was so amazing, couldn't believe that such a tranquil, peaceful place could exist just 30 mins away from the hustle and bustle.

we had our little chalet by the lakeside, and there were fruit trees all around. in our chalet we had technology of present day, including wireless broadband connection.

we are definitely going back for more.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

the walk down the aisle

i walked down the aisle yesterday. it was truly, truly most amazing.

to be led by my father to the man of my dreams, the rest of the world just disappeared at that moment. nothing else existed, only us, me and the men of my life.

Friday, December 17, 2004

ibook for christmas

i got my ibook yesterday! hubster bought it for me as a christmas present! he he he

soooo cooool...

got a great deal, the christmas promotion that was running included a free airport for all ibook purchase.

now i got an ibook AND my internet access is wireless PLUS i can do wireless printing and the airport connects my music to the hifi system as well, so whatever i play from my playlist is channelled to the hifi system. he he he...

i guess my husband is more excited about the whole ibook and the airport... he's set up everything the moment we got home and he's still discovering all the new things, his favourite phrase for the past 2 days is " check this out! check this out! " and " it's sooooo coool!! "

that's all folks. good nite

p.s. and yes, i am blogging this on my brand new ibook

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

i want! i want!

went shopping for some stuff for the wedding prep today. there was a mac shop at the mall we were at.

initially, we were actually looking for an ipod. but i had to go and look at the ibook section, you know, just look see look see......

i saw the ibook G4. soooo nice...

as i was actually looking to buy a notebook anyway, i thought "hmmmm.."

can't really afford a powerbook, but the ibook looks goooood. and within my price range!

guess what am i getting for christmas this year...

Monday, December 06, 2004

wedding preps

sometimes when you hear about the preparation that needs to be done by a close friend or a relative for their wedding, you'd say "i'll never be so unprepared. i'll start early"

well, start early is what we did but yet there is still loads to do, not to mention all the additional stress that all those inconsiderate people will pile on, thinking only of their own well being and sense of fun.

all the big-time and important prep is done, but the small fry ones are the ones that cause the most headache. the last minute additions, the small unforseen items, the little decisions...... ohh man!

sometimes i can understand why people take a wedding vacation rather than having a big do to announce to all relatives and friends.

it feels like the do is to please everyone else but the newlyweds. think about it...