Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lone Pine's Diary entry for end of May 2005

Dear Diary,

on this last week of May, there were people who arrived and was running around almost immediately after arrival. i was thinking, oh no, not another bunch of rowdy bratty young executives having a get-together on my lawn again.

as the hours passed, there doesn't seem to be much activity going on. in fact, there wasn't any activity at all from this bunch of people. they seem to prefer hiding in their rooms.

2 days later, i discovered that i was wrong. there's activities going on. LOADS!! they are hammering and digging and tying and cutting and yelling and running and... and... everything else!

as i resigned to enduring another weekend of intoxication by my visitors (these young punks who come all the time and dirty my front yard ARE NOT guests, they ARE NOT welcomed at all, they are merely visitors), i suddenly realise that the young 'uns are not dragging crates of beer and alcohol. they are in fact, prettying me up!! with the lights and the whites and the flowers and the torches, and let's face it, for a grand ol dame who's been around since 1948, I can still look GOOOOOOOOD. and with my deepest, greatest appreciation, they not only make me look good, they made me vastly better looking than i've ever been. in one word, they made me...BEAUTIFUL.

all of a sudden, most people disappeared. with the exception of 1 or 2 fellas scurrying around, most of them just vanished. then, slowly one by one, and two by two they started appearing again, all in white. and they started to settle down on rows and rows of white crepe covered chairs decorated with red gerberas.

just before the approach of sunset, a man strolls down an aisle strewn with buds of white and red. he stands, with the most tender look on his face as he watches a beautiful angel in white float down the same aisle on the arms of a dapper looking gent. as they come face to face with each other, the flow of love that travels between the two individuals is so obvious it's almost tangible. he makes his vows to her in his deep baritone which is tinged with shivers of tears. the elfin angel trembles as she voices her vow to her beloved gentleman. the flamboyant rockstar of a man silently weeps with joy, adding a touch of sensitivity to his appeal, as he listens for the first time the promise of eternity that she's making to him.

as man and wife lead the stream of guests to the beach where they held in their hands their vows sealed in a bottle, to be launched onto eternity in the sea; the whole picture has an almost other-worldly, etheral feel to it. a gather of people all in white, floating down to the beach with candles in their hands. as the sun sets most perfectly, a glow of magenta across the horizon, the reflection upon the sea. for a moment, just that one wonderful moment, everyone was silent, as the man flung with all his might the beautiful, sealed, curved glass carafe carrying their vows onto the sea twinkling with the start of dusk. the crescendo of joyous cheers and laughter blanketed the almost still evening just a moment ago.

as everyone reluctantly pull themselves away from the wondrous scene with the candles surrounding all the lit tiki torches lining the beach path, a flow of before dinner cocktail was served. thus then that most began to calm themselves after stemming the flow of tears to celebrate the coming together of 2 most wonderfully deserved souls of life. there was not one dry eye throughout the whole time. some were openly sobbing, some were just letting their tears flow and the hardest of men were hit the hardest, for they were weeping in their hearts.

with the tinkling of glasses, everyone gradually move on to the 2 long classically elegant dining table for a wedding meal that's as mesmerizing as the sultry night was. there was laughter and cheers amidst the singing and strumming of the quartet performing. daughter, fathers, aunt and friends were all singing and dancing the night away.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

things a female should experience

as we all go thru our daily mundane routine, the ennui of it all kinda makes us feel disgustingly taken for granted, unappreciated, robotic or just plain bleagkh!! we are all definitely worth more than this. how do we all feel special? what should we do to express/develop/just simply get in touch with our feminine-ness? just out of my head, i have a few input, perhaps thru time i might add to this list as well.

let's celebrate feminity!! a woman should have these experiences at least once in her life:

1 - being seranaded
2 - a pedicure and manicure
3 - enjoy a meal cooked by a special someone
4 - spend a whole day shopping, just for yourself
5 - put on a bikini and be comfy in your own skin
6 - taking a day off work, and not feel guilty or responsible for anything
7 - enjoy a soak in the bath with the therapy of your choice
8 - being led on a romantic treasure hunt
9 - have your portrait taken
10 - have a stylist do a full makeover
11 - have a massage of your choice for as long as you want!!
12 - being bought some bling bling
13 - help out the less fortunate, just out of the kindness of your own heart
14 - seduce that special someone and revel in your feminity
15 - explore your artistic talent(s) (we are all artistic in some form or other, just
gotta explore and discover)

Friday, May 06, 2005


starbucks. it'll never be the same for me.

i met jasmin in mid november 2004. it's been just about four months. jas left for switzerland in mid april 2005. i miss her. i miss her loads.

one of our weekend rituals is to go to starbucks and have some frapps and latte, sit down and yak and yak about most things in our lives. there are times when both or either of us is not free, and we forgo the outing, and when that happens, somehow or rather, it seems that my week is not complete.

in the small amount of months that i've really gotten to know her, it seems to me that i've know her for years. when it was pointed out to me that i've only known her for a few months, i was taken aback.

'nuff said.