Thursday, December 27, 2007


i have not been posting at all for the past few months and been quite erratic in the months before that. this is because.........?? i was pregnant and now i'm a MOM!! i'm so busy with my lil boy and i couldn't find time to blog, or if i'm on the net, i'm too lazy to write or pick any of the choices i have below:

no time
too lazy
sleep deprived
cleaning poop
entertaining the lil one
lil one's bawling
time to feed the boy
beddy-bye time
splish splash time

but it's all good :) as all those who have taken the path before me said, "it's very tiring but it's worth it." it is very exhausting, physically, emotionally and mentally, but it's definitely worth every sleep deprived minute. we love Jon to bits!

Friday, July 06, 2007

freakin' awesome!!


loved it! absofreakinlutely loved it! i wanna watch it again!... and again...and again...and again...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the day i couldn't waddle fast enough

Our Hearts with DOT
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a couple of weeks back was father's day and i wanted to get a card for my hubby as we're expecting our firstborn soon.

as it wouldn't be very nice or pleasant to have him there while i'm choosing and paying for the card, i tried to send him off on some errands while we were at the mall.

as the bookshop was about 2 floors down, i had to move quickly enough to get the card and come back upstairs. asking a very pregnant woman to move quickly is like asking a tortoise to beat a F1 car in a race!

true enough, hubby was back before i could even hit the escalators to go downstairs. there goes plan A.

father's day came and i still have no card. was getting kinda upset. i had no choice but to confess to him that evening that i couldn't waddle fast enough to get him a card. he was being so sweet about it and that made me feel even more guilty and upset. he actually took me round to go shop for a card that evening itself but the bookshops had already ran out of father's day cards by then. it was more like, "better luck next year".

came home feeling very, very shitty and in the end i made my own card for hubby after he's gone to bed and gave it to him the day AFTER father's day. true to his loving self, he loved the card and propped it on the chest of drawers right next to our bed so that he can see it the moment he wakes up in the mornings :-)

... have i told you how much i love my hubby? what's there not to love?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

10 years...

my love and i

hubby and i have been together for 10 years now (no, we've not been married for 10 years, we've been together for 10 years. we've been married for almost 3 years)

after trying for about 6 months, we're now expecting our firstborn in a couple of months.

what did the past 10 years bring me? love and memories, loads of 'em. i love my husband more now than when we first hooked up. i wake up and see him still asleep next to me, it always brings a smile to my lips.

i love him even during those times when he's playing his video games and he's ignoring me. it annoys me, but it also makes me love him for his little pesky quirks.

and those times when he truly enjoys a meal that i've whipped up, that contented smile of his is all the thanks that i need.

and his forgetfulness, it's legendary. i can tell him something, and he'll forget about it 5 minutes later, but he always feels so bad for forgetting that i can't but tell him it's ok, unless it's an important emergency issue, then he'll kena kau kau from me.

i love him for all the little things that he's done for me. little they may seem, but those things means a huge lot in my heart. now that i'm in my 3rd trimester, i've been having lots of aches and pains in my back, feet and hands. hubby always tirelessly massages and sooths away the pain, even when i wake him up in the middle of the night when i can't go to sleep because of the pain. he even has a little ditty that he sang to the tune of "he's got the whole world in his hand". it goes something like this... "gotta push the blood, push the blood to the heart... push the blood to the heart, so that the feet won't swell so much..."

isn't he just such a darling!!

quoting something my sista girl wrote in her blog, "You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without." that's so true, i can't live without my man, my hubbyman. i love you to the end of the universe and beyond.

Monday, May 14, 2007

sucky delicious

went out with the family for mothers' day lunch yesterday. zach set it for about one-ish and as usual, the gang was late. hubby and i who live the furthest away were on time and it was on us to source for a venue from zach suggestions. it being mothers' day, all the restaurants refused to take reservations and it was first come first serve and the waiting list was almost a mile long. our party of 10 didn't help matters along as well. after scrounging around the area for a spot, hubby and i parked ourselves at delicious and that was about 1.45 pm.

it was about at least a 30 minute wait for a table at delicious in bangsar village II. that was not too bad as the family started trickling in only after 2pm.

the food wasn't too shabby but the service stinks to kingdom come. the wait staff were useless. they tend to loiter around trying to look busy rather than serve the customers. the manager person was the only efficient dude around. he had to tell the staff that customers are trying to get their attention, telling them to get the menu, serve the people... and so on and so forth. it being a mothers' day sunday huge lunch time crowd added to the inefficiency of the staff.

we wanted to finish off the meal with some coffee and tea and after waiting 15 minutes for it, we got fed up and just asked for the bill instead. the unserved coffee and tea was included in the bill and we asked for it to be removed from the bill. instead of coming back to us with the revised bill, they brought the tea. we sent it back and told them we didn't want it anymore as we had waited so long for it and it never came.

after an eternity, we finally got the revised bill and paid up. as zach wanted the receipt we were in for another long wait. we didn't want the few bucks of change (even though they didn't deserve a single cent of tip after that horrendous service), we were just waiting for the receipt. it was only after we informed the manager dude that we didn't want the change and were only waiting for the receipt that the staff quickly moved into action and produced the dang piece of paper.

i can understand the wait for the kitchen to prepare the food and stuff, but waiting that long just for your change and receipt?

are they really that useless or is it just a ploy on the staffs' part to get their extra money in tips, just hoping that customers get fed up of waiting for change and leave?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

hubby's nose replicated!!!... and some other tale

went for my ante-natal check up yesterday and our little one was once again being submitted to some heartbeat monitoring and scans. when the sonicaid was placed on my belly to listen for the heartbeat, Dot (that's what we call our lil one as we do not want to find out beforehand what the sex of our child is) started banging away at the device. the doctor lifted and reapplied the sonicaid to my belly 3 times, and all 3 times Dot whacked away at it. after that it was the ultrasound scan and when the doctor was scanning the face area, she exclaimed, "the nose very high!" and she pointed at hubby and said, "got your nose lah".

earlier when we were waiting for to see the doctor, there was this dude who was talking a whole load of crap to a pregnant woman and her family members. from what i can make out of the conversation (no, i wasn't eavesdropping, he was sharing it with the whole waiting room area), this appu is one of those direct selling fella dealing in food supplements. the lady he was talking to seems to be either a client of his or an acquaintance. ok, this is what i gathered:

- she just came back from somewhere else, that's why she's here for her first ante-natal visit with this doctor when she's already about 4 months pregnant

- he's the one who introduce the doctor to her as his wife used the same doctor

- she's a young mom-to-be in her early twenties

this is what he told her:

- amniocentesis is done with a blood test, not with the amniotic fluid, and it is done AFTER the 20th week of pregnancy

- at four months pregnant, it is mostly impossible to determine the sex of the child

- only women need calcium (What?!!? men got no bones ah??)

- he and his wife did the amnio test coz they weren't planning to continue with the pregnancy if the test for down syndrome is positive

- he is skilled at palm and eyeball reading (whatever the heck that was!??) to tell a person's health condition

- 3 capsules a day of whatever the heck supplement he was selling is sufficient daily iron intake for pregnant women (which the doctor denied and said that no way is that enough at all for a pregnant woman. i suppose the lady went in with her bottle of supplement and asked the doctor about it. HA HA HA! the dude started mumbling something about his wife increased her daily dosage of the supplement at some point in her own pregnancy, with which the client/acquaintance retorted, "no, doctor say not good enough, must take actual iron supplement or obimin". after that, the stupid fella straightaway shut up. HaH!!

- a pregnant woman going for a scan should always be accompanied by a family member as she won't be able to see the screen showing the baby because she's lying down... at least that's the case with his wife... i wonder, how was his wife lying down that she can't see the screen???

i just hope that the young woman doesn't believe anything he says as they are all FALSE!! gosh what a conman! i so wished that when the woman went in for her turn to see the doctor, he approaches me to sell something or just to strike up a conversation. i would have loved the opportunity to blast him to smithereens!! KA POW!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

whinge whinge whinge

i've got so much to whinge about. i'm in such a bitchy whingey mood.

firstly, i really hate the new blogger. it sucks big time. there's so much i can't do, and there's so many bugs and shit. and the blogger support personnel are elusive and non supportive. they keep directing me to that shit ass blogger help group which does jack. and even when i eventually managed to email blogger support, the arsehole couldn't even read the email properly and just dispensed one of the usual textbook answer and even try to navigate me back to the damn blogger help group again. when i pointed out to him that he didn't even read my email correctly, the nutjob didn't even bother to reply. why am i still using blogger? well, let's see... 1) i've got way too much blogs and blog entries to move them somewhere else 2) what about the comments? 3) what about all those links and all that i've cultivated throughout? UURRGGHH!! i'm stuck with fucking blogger for now.

whinge number two. a lot of americans are freakin' deaf, blind and stupid... at least those that voted for sanjaya in the 2007 american idol. wtf??!! i was a fan of the little twat, but as the weeks progressed, he showed his weakness and flaws, no.. let me rephase that. he FLAUNTED his weakness and flaws, and yet these idiots are still wasting their effort and money to vote him back! he's not even cute!! he's got this annoying habit of wrinkling his big nose and opening that big gap in a what he passes off as a grin. URK!!

whinge No:3. in fact, this year's AI don't make good tv at all. the contestants are so bland and without any personality what so ever. the happening ones were eliminated earlier and what we have left are some who are awesome singers but i won't even think of buying any of their albums coz they are so bleakhhh.

whinge numero quattro. mph online is the pits. i wanted to order some books online as they do not have the book in the physical stores that went to. i found out that they are discriminatory to mac users, or rather non IE users. here below are the emails that went back and forth between me and some mph online personnel:

To: "Team @ MPH.COM.MY"
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2007 10:25 AM
Subject: how to order without using IE

I am looking to order a book online, but i am having trouble doing so because your website only permits browser users of IE. I am using a mac computer and i use only either safari or firefox.

how do i go about ordering and paying for a book?


On 2 Apr, 2007, at 16:22, Team @ MPH.COM.MY wrote:

Dear Corey,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We regret that you are having problem purchasing online.

The internet browsers that are compatible are Netscape (Version 7) and Internet Explorer 6. If your computer has firewall, kindly disactivate it. At any time of processing your order, please do not click on "Back" button. However, by using Safari or Firefox, you will face problems trying to make online payment.

If you have any further queries on online purchases, please feel free to contact our online customer service team at

We look forward to being of service to you.

Team @

To: "Team @ MPH.COM.MY"
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:22 AM
Subject: Re: how to order without using IE


So basically you are telling me that i cannot make an online purchase because i use either safari or firefox on a mac computer, as IE6 cannot run on Mac computer. And that, should i want to make an online purchase, i'd have to use a PC running IE6.

Did i get it right?


Dear Corey,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We do apologize as you will not be able to make an successful online purchase by using Safari or Firefox browsers as they are not compatible with our webstore.

The internet browsers that are compatible are Netscape (Version 7) and Internet Explorer 6.

We do apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Team @

whinge # V. some of the production houses here are idiotic sad assed excuse for slip shod under qualified material. there was a few shoots recently by this shit company called paragon for a few TVCs for some radio stations. the story board, the production work, the editing, the post production work, the audio... all were way below par. stupid i tell you, just out to con your money.

Friday, April 06, 2007

warner... war-ner loser

chester bennington of linkin park was down here in malaysia recently and warner music was looking at my hubby to host his press con. it seems that chester remembered hubby from a few years ago and asked the warner dudes if hubby could do it.

there was to be 2 sessions. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. there's no way that hubby could do the morning session, but he agreed to the afternoon session. the dude from warner music malaysia said that only a minimal (if any) fee would be offered. hubby quoted for his lowest fee possible ever. heck, he'd do it for free! after all it is chester bennington, and hubby really liked this guy from before.

the dude from warner who dealt with this affair is such an incompetent poop. being my hubby's personal manager i had the misfortune of dealing with this nut. i think he balked at the fact that a token fee is requested. if he had the balls and had been honest about the whole thing and said that there'll be no fee, i would have happily said ok on behalf of hubby. instead, he gave me some cock and bull about not wanting to engage hubby coz he can't make it for the morning session and warner didn't want the hassle of having another briefing in the afternoon just for hubby. he kept pressing on the fact that hubby's company was the official host and they'll be very involved in the whole thing. eh, hello, duh!! as if i didn't know. i recommended some other personnel to host the thing, and the nut gave me some crap about these people not being professional or competent enough to do it. these people work would have been perfect for the job, it's just that they are not "big names" in the industry. that's not how you decline, you nut. how insulting can this representative from warner music malaysia get??

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

moffatt no more

i have a friend who's young, sweet and a cutie to boot. he's very metrosexual and always has his hair done up nicely.

adam recently lost a bet (read it here) and had to shave his head. every single luscious lock shorn off.

he used to remind me of a teeny bopper group from the 90s called "the moffatts". he's no longer a moffatt now, YaY!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

useless crap excuse for a human being

at our wedding reception, we didn't have the normal guest registration book. we had an easel and some artsy fancy coloured paper with some silver inked pens for our guests to write on.

we wanted to get some frames to put up the coloured paper with the greetings after the wedding and didn't get around to doing it til recently. we were rudely reminded of an arsehole of a guest who scribbled profanities and crude, rude remarks all over the papers. we knew about the incident right after he did it and we kinda forgot about it until we took out them out to frame recently.

this fuck wit of a useless excuse for a human being was drunk and apparently he had beef with one of our guests from before. but this prick not only scribbled on that particular guest's well wishes, he wrote his crude remarks on all the pages, including those of our close friends and relatives. these people didn't even know who the fuck he was.

we had to 'censor' out his remarks by drawing hearts and all sorts of shapes to cover those graffiti.

this stupid josh of the special events works in a field where he has to deal with people all the time, he should have had at least some manners and self restraint. apparently not. no wonder he sucks at what he does. he's the kind of person who salivate at the mention of alcohol and is a blady alco who can't hold his fucking drink. he even fails as an alco. how sad.

i just wish upon him that someone or some event will mar the memories of his wedding day forever, like the way he did ours. what goes around, comes around. karma fucker, karma.

Friday, March 16, 2007

naza after sales is the PITS!!

we recently got a naza citra. it was going for a pretty decent price for a car with leather seats, tint, dvd player... the works. pretty happy with the car so far, the only complaint is that the fuel comsumption is on the high side.

as we had some 'inside contact' to get the car, acquiring the car was pretty quick. we were passed down to the big shot of sales, who then passed us down to one sales manager who then passed down to his sales exec who did the job pretty decently.

it is now due for it's first 1000km service and the headache starts. the sales manager offered to arrange for the service appointments. we never did ask for all these, he only go and offer all this. "dun worry, just gimme a call and i'll arrange everything for you". yeah, right! he's not even picking up the calls or returning the calls or replying to the messages sent to him. Ceh!

his sales exec is a wee bit better. he tried to arrange for an appointment at the puchong service centre, but the place is jammed pack and the only opening for a service is in 10 days' time. we told him no, let's try the service centre in pj. the dude never called back. he also kinda hinted that we do the booking of appointment ourselves. eh, hello??!! we never asked for all this ok, you all only clever-clever go and offer. and then now cannot deliver. so blady useless.

that's the problem with these fellas. once a sale is made, that's it. no need to hope for more.

our previous car dealings were with perodua. the salesman was excellent! he arranges everything, even up to the extent of taking us out for breakfast while waiting for the car to be serviced. he kept in contact even after he left perodua and still ask if there's any problems.

Perodua Rocks!! and naza SUCKS!! Big time.

Friday, March 02, 2007

JENG! - JENG! - JENG!!! New HIT show!

There's a new show out, with brilliant screenplay and mediocre directing it's not too shabby, but with the horrendous acting by the players involved, it doesn't seem like it's going to be a hit or even a sleeper hit. the masses never like morale busting performances. here's an excerpt from a viewer's opinion. this viewer happens to be a family member of one of the performers of the show. here goes:

...and today is Sunny's birthday. such a happy day... til his stupid 'work family' spoiled it.

i got up this morning, and as i was pottering around in the haus, i turned on the tv to see my favourite celeb on the daily morning talkshow, FritZ TV. as i turned on the volume,, it was in the middle of a scene featuring some good-for-nothing giving his birthday shoutout to our Sunny. this fuck wit wished him, "Happy Birthday Sunny" and told him that he sucks and something or rather about a football team aptly named, Another-living-fooL. WHAT THE FUCK!!??!

as i looked out for the subsequent sets that came on, it was all about the same crap. apparently Sunny's so called work "family" set it all up and got him a Another-living-fooL jersey (where they got buy one, they just call up alidas and get free one, or took Woody's (Sunny's talkshow co-host) jersery (who's no big time Another-living-fooL fan anyways), or just bought some pasar malam ciplak one) as well as a birthday cake on which is written "Another-living-fooL 3, Man-U-are-GreaT 1"

i tried and tried the FritZ call in line and finally managed to get thru and got Loon-nia (the apparent productin assistant of the show) on the line. i asked what the fuck were they trying to do? doing all this on his BIRTHDAY??!!? the silly boy had the gall to tell me that it was fun. FUN?? fun my ass lah... anyways i actually wanted to wish Sunnyt on air, but that silly Loon-nia put me on hold (think he panicked and didn't know what to do). i hung up of course.

anyways, whoever came up with, supported and went along with this idea that making fun of Sunny on his birthday makes good TV are crossed off my list now. these people call themselves 'family'. family don't do jack like this to each other. i used to sayang this bunch, but now... they can go fuck themselves for all i care. no one in the family makes good TV or good whatever the fuck at the expense of another member of the clan. moreover these clowns dragged the "Another-living-fooL VS Man-U-are-GreaT" game into the whole thing as well, knowing full well that Sunny is a big Man-U-are-GreaT fan. you idiots call this whole insincere, insulting farce a birthday wish from the FritZ family?? PPHHHHBBFFFFTTTT!!

the whole fiasco was so unbelievably sickening that it made me so upset that i couldn't stop crying. it know that it's not good to be stressed out and crying while i'm pregnant, but i couldn't help it.

Sunny is good natured, he doesn't mind and goes along with the whole thing in the name of good TV and kinship. I, on the other hand . . . . . . . . . KER-SHHHINGG!!

Note: the original plot of this show has apparently ruffled some peacock feathers. the boss-man-executive-producer of the show had, in a very "PC" way hinted that it would be detrimental to the well-being of the show. i'll give him that much. at least he's man enough to speak up. in light of my happy mood due to Man-U-are-GreaT beating Another-living-fooL in the game, i've re-wrote the screenplay, and i shall also add that, "THIS PIECE OF FICTION FROM MY IMAGINATION IS IN NO WAY REFLECTING ANY INCIDENTS OR ANY PERSONS IN REALITY."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

celups not welcomed

some years back the information ministry banned the use of pan asian models for our local ads. in recent years, they've relaxed a whole lot and our ads are once again saturated with 'celup' faces. the ministry has now once again putting a blanket over pan asian models in favour of actual local models.

celup is a slang term used to describe malaysians who have western (and by western, i mean white) blood. celup in its original malay context actually means dip. a local malaysian 'dipped" in some western blood hence, celup.

a lot of hue and cry were made by the leading "local" models over this ban. they are saying that they are actually malaysians who are of "pan asian parentage", meaning that one of their parents has some form of 'local blood' in their ancestry.

i do understand that these models are victims of circumstances. who should they blame for this? believe it or not, i think the fault lies at the very people who employ them i.e. the advertisers.

it had been ingrained our our puny minds that 'western' is always better. it must be the colonial influence from way back then before our independence day in 1957 (yes, it takes more than 50 years to change the mindset).

advertisers have it in THEIR puny minds that westerners are better looking than us ugly locals. even those with a tiny drop of western blood are much more beautiful. these advertiser have then brainwashed the public into believing their rationale, "corpse pale skin with round multicoloured eyes and blade like noses" is better than "exotic dusky skinned nymphs with warm mesmerizing dark eyes".

look at the cosmetic counters. a vast majority of their products are whitening. it's always so difficult for me to buy a normal NON-WHITENING skin care product. i barely have any to choose from. i'd prefer a healthy tanned look over the deathly paleness any day.

pan asian does not mean local mixed ancestry however much you try to market that. local mix includes the actual aborigines, chinese, indian, malay plus the smaller LOCAL minorities. it does not include australasians, europeans, americans and all the rest of those. heck, they're not even asians!

Monday, February 05, 2007

POP! POP! POP! doesn't mean fireworks

last saturday evening my hubby had to host an event, so i went out for dinner and some jalan-jalan with my parents at subang parade. we walked about a bit and shopped a bit and then headed to esquire kitchen for some food.

the place was crowded and it took a while before an outlet captain came and took our orders. i expected that it's gonna be awhile before we get served.

as we were chit-chatting we heard. POP pop POP POP pop!!! going on and on. i was wondering who was playing fireworks in the mall. fireworks (though they are illegal here) are often heard during the festive seasons in our country of a multi-cultural blend, especially during hari raya (a lot of little malay boys get injured or even worse, gets their limb(s) blasted off during the explosion of their home made fireworks), chinese new year and deepavali (or diwali). as the chinese new year is fast approaching, i didn't think twice of hearing fireworks, but just wondered why INSIDE a mall. as esquire kitchen is on the lower ground floor of the mall and situated right next to a side entrance, part of the restaurant has glass panes instead of walls, that's where we were seated, right next to the glass.

and then suddenly i see people running out of the building from the side entrance and some even ran into the restaurant. that when we started thinking that what we heard wasn't fireworks. there are a couple of goldsmith/jewellers one floor up. that plus the commotion = robbery. hence not fireworks, but gunshots.

our food arrived. i was very shaken up by then and had totally lost my appetite. i tried to eat a little bit as i'm pregnant and have to nourish the little one in my belly. the shutters of the outlet was finally pulled down, but there was this young chap (one of the restaurant's staff) who kept pushing up the shutters and going outside and coming back in, and out and in. was that idiot trying to show that he's a brainless brave or was he just too nosy for his (and ours) own good?? whatever he is, he's an ass of an idiot.

and then there was ANOTHER commotion. people were running down the outside staircase and back INTO building via the side entrance. that when everyone in the restaurant got really scared and ran to the back where there and actually walls intead of glass and huddled there. after a while, the captain told everyone that it was ok to get back to the seats and continue with our meals. all of us hesitantly went back to our seats (especially those of us who sat next to the glass panes!) some new customers came in and i could hear snatches of their conversation with others. there were a few robbers who started firing their guns all over the place, they were dark skinned (he thinks that they were indonesians, but as we all later found out, they were thai). another said that some guards were chasing after them and they ran outside the mall and hijacked a bus. guess that's when the people from outside started running down the stairs back into the building.

we finished our dinner and went to pay. at the payment counter i heard one staff telling another that two guards had died. as we walked out to the concourse area of the mall, we could see that all the outlets/shops of the mall had their shutters pulled down and there wasn't anyone around the concourse area, save for a few workers who are desperately covering up their little stores in the middle of the concourse. i sensed movement up above. i looked up and i saw the yellow police crime scene tapes at the goldsmith shop area. police personnel were working the crime scene. there were loads of people at the corridors of the upper floors all looking at the crime area. it was so quiet, even with that many people up there, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

here's the local newspaper account of the robbery

Friday, February 02, 2007

bitchy pig

a couple of days ago i was at the shop getting some groceries and fresh produce. there was this fat woman with her toddler son. she was being such a pain in the ass. she being fat, was already blocking up a lot of space. she also took her own sweet time to choose her stuff, leaving the rest of us to wait for her to finish before having the chance to get what WE need.

she was putting her basket (which is already heavily loaded) on tender foodstuff, thus spoiling the less sturdy vegetables. what an ass of a person!!

as we were lining up to paid for our stuff, i had the misfortune to be right behind the wicked witch of the west. her whiny son was hanging on to her fat legs and as she was moving on she bumped her own son and he fell on my foot. i cushioned his skinny little butt with my crocs. and that cunt had the fucking audacity to make a comment sounding like "can't you see a little boy is down ah?" as she didn't have the guts to say that to my face, i didn't think much of it and let it slide. i was just wondering if she really is such a prick of a person who expects a pregnant woman carrying her own groceries to pick up that whiny little brat for her. Jeez!

as we reached the payment counter, she put her basket on the outside of the counter and i hoisted my own on rest on the inside of the counter. that cuntface started berating me for not waiting and cutting queue and pushing her and all that. i knew she was just waiting for the opportunity to say something after all these while. truth to be told, i was itching for a fight with her as well.

as i retorted and counted all her inconsiderations from earlier on, hindering the rest of us shoppers, she just widened her eyes and glared at me as though i was a young kid and should be afraid of her. i found it so ridiculous that she thinks that it's gonna work on me and i almost burst out laughing. i couldn't of course, had to maintain my game face. i squinty-eyed glared(kinda clint eastwood like, at least i'd like to think so) back at her and said, "what the hell is YOUR problem??!!" she was so flabbergasted that she was speechless. my hubby came into the grocers at that very moment and thought that his pregnant wife was being bullied by a fat-assed pig. he very calmly inquired, "are you having a problem with my wife?" i think she got scared at that moment and quickly replied, "no, no". she quickly paid up and left the shop.

i had so wanted to poke her on her pottu and say "YOU THINK I'M SCARED OF YOU LAH, LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!" i know, i know, it would have taken the class out of my composure to do something like that. plus that would have been rude and brought me down to her level. but i so wanted to do that. i didn't, but i wanted to.