Sunday, December 18, 2005

a year ago today...

18 dec. our wedding. i'm blessed with a wonderful man who took my as his wife. a year ago today we celebrated our wedding with our loved ones. as weddings go, preparations are chaotic. but i loved every moment of the preparation, because it's for a day i wear my wedding gown and show the world that the man i cherish and love and adore, has welcomed me into his heart and his life.

i love you my hubsterman, i love you

Saturday, December 17, 2005


luv luv peeps, luv luv

Sunday, December 04, 2005

we're home!!!

after months of renovation and waiting and impatience, we've finally moved into our new home on 2 dec 2005.

it's not fully finished yet. there are still some minor painting works to be done. things to transport over, putting away our stuff in their new spots, things to buy, lights to fix, and so on and so forth.

on the day that we moved in there were still so many last minute things to do. air conditioning installation, astro (satellite tv) installation, water heater installation, sofa bed deliveries, fitting the main toilet's lighting, major cleaning and dusting and vacumming and scrubbing, putting up the makeshift curtains (i had to use my pareos), patching up with cement a hole that came about when we were trying to drill in our curtain rods, and the list goes on.

all these were done ON THE DAY WE MOVED IN!!!

by the time we went to bed, it was almost morning. it was most definitely worth it, we're finally home.

next up, christmas tree shopping.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

meet the useless new super villian

Dorkybuds Fart-fart Chou-Chou Skippy

me new super villian name. so freakin wimpy!!

My Piggle is Dorkybuds Fart-fart Chou-Chou Skippy.
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Sunday, October 16, 2005

tupperware queen

reality contests on tv nowadays is all about making loads of money from sms-es.

earlier tonight had their uvj search grand finals and the winner and runner up is the 2 most undeserving contestants to clinch the titles. the runner up is too introverted and he definitely lacks self confidence.

the winner, a sluttish character named xan is trying so hard to sell her non-existant sex appeal and she's so fucking fake and unnatural that i find her more than plastic, in fact, she's the fucking tupperware queen!!

all she had for her was a family that stayed up and voted for her thru out the contest.

did the best person win? no way in hell, at least not in this competition.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

cry fm

WTF??!! how the heck did fly's presenting skills become so atrocious?? he was one of the big gurus of broadcasting. you can put it down as, "he's rusty, give him a bit of time". yeah, but what in the world happenned to his quick wit? i used to think that he's got one of the best broadcasting minds around, but now, i dunno man, it looks like he's lost it.

and who in the world is this natalie person?? she's just so fucking annoying. whiny and annoying. and this big j dude, just sit in the background and grunt once in a while is it? and you get paid for that?!!

they should have given the job to my sista gurl. there's absolutely no biasness in saying this, "she would have kicked ass i tell you". big loss suckers.

should have known that fly's lost it when he chose natalie. i was so anxiously awaiting the launch, and now i'm fucking disappointed.

i must say that the music is not bad tho. and that melanie is a diamond in the rough. they should look at giving her more air time instead.

but at the end of the day, i just wanna know, "fly, what happenned to you?"

Saturday, September 24, 2005

sitting at home

i am sitting at home writing this on a saturday night. my husband's kinda always busy with all his work and events and all, and this time round work has taken him to penang, a town about 400km away. he'll be back only be tomorrow night.

i normally use these moments as my down time, where i do some quiet stuff that i enjoy like reading, writing, photography, some tv, some music (can't do that this time round due to poor hearing quality caused by ear infection), some thinking, a bit of soul searching... basically chillin' with lil ol meself.

i do enjoy these moments, though not too much coz i really love my husband's company and i do miss him.

Friday, September 23, 2005

can i afford it?

i was thinking of bringing out the old nikon and buy a couple of rolls of film and do some film photography. the only thing is, i don't know if i can afford to shoot in film. the buying of film, the development...

i never even thought of the cost 15 years or so ago when i was still in school. joining the photography club is not a cheap hobby. i'm sure i was pretty stingy with whatever shots i took, not like nowadays with my lil digital point and shoot - oh, don't like this shot? just delete it. no money to buy photo paper to print? just look at it on your screen.

i'm just hoping that taking photos on a slr is like riding a bicycle. after all these years, i don't know if i still remember how to work one.

i'm just so disappointed that i lost a lot of my stuff during the shifting of homes years ago. all the photos that i took way back then all went missing, not to mention all my enid blyton, and my beano and dandy, loads more stuff =(

that's another story all together.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

reader or writer

most of us read, but how many of us write? i'm not talking about writing books, or even articles, but just for the love of writing for your own pleasure.

with blogging, a lot of us are writing our experiences, some of us write to blow off steam, some write just because.

now, most of us read, some voraciously, some leisurely and some purely just on a need-to basis.

are there more readers than writers? i suppose so. it's human nature to want to know about another person's thoughts/views/opinion/life. but to write something for others to read, regardless whether fact or fiction is like exposing a part of oneself to the world, because it's what in a person's mind. therefore there are a lot of anonymous writers/bloggers out there, with nary a photo to associate them with anyone or anything, much less a photo on their profile page. i can understand if someone remains anonymous is they are well-known or famous, but most of us are everyday janes and everyday joes. again it all boils down to whether we're secure enough to show a part of ourselves to the world.

on the other end, there are those who flaunt their words, they will try to get as much viewership/readership as possible. am i one of them? surely you jest.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

pain pain pain!!

i have an ear infection. in fact, it's a recurring problem thru the years. will be going to the doctor later in the afternoon.

it hurts. it fucking hurts!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

brother lawrence spitzig

Brother Lawrence Spitzig (photo taken from

Brother Lawrence Spitzig (photo taken from

Cheer cheer and courage display
All ye Johannians join in the lay
Send a volley of cheer on high
Shake down the thunder from the sky

What though the odds be great or small
Dear ol' St John's will win over all
While her loyal sons are marching
Onward to Victory

St John's!!

Brother Lawrence? ask this to anyone who says he's johannian. if he doesn't know Brother Lawrence, then he's lying. he's not a johannian. i come from a family that boasts of at least 5 johannians. my late grand uncle Hugh was johannian. he was one of the boarders way back in those days. he's good friends with Brother Lawrence all the way thru to his last years. in fact, he used to have a tipple or two with the good brother. Grand uncle Hugh was the one who enrolled my dad into st john's. i grew up learning the johannian school rally even before i knew how to sing my school song. i still remember the rally today.

my husband is johannian, his two brothers are johannians. my father-in-law's johannian. he went on to TEACH in st johns and that's where he met my mother-in-law.

coming from a family of johannians, the stories i hear about Brother Lawrence are in abundance. i hear it from my dad, my husband and obviously from my father-in-law.

this is a man who's already in his twilight years and he's still doing so much for the education and well being of young children. he's like what? 89 this year? and he's still trying to help the young ones in the rural area of Sabah, Malaysia.

he gives his all, and i mean his ALL. from the time he stepped on Malaya soil in the 1930s to this very day, he still tries his very best to teach, educate, guide and lead our young.

i salute you Brother Lawrence Spitzig. it is truly my honour to have met you and speak to you, finally after all these years of hearing all this wondorous things about you.

a great man. a truly, truly great man.

Monday, September 12, 2005

budget airline?? backside airline more like it

i've actually wanted to write about this a few months back but i never got around to it as i deem it really unimportant. reading a newspaper article brought back the memory and here i am, writing about the shitty air asia.

in may this year, we took a trip to penang and i booked the plane tickets way back in march. all the crap about RM9.99 is bullshit. i paid over a hundred ringgit per person for the tickets and to my chagrin Malaysia Airlines was having some promotion and tickets were actually cheaper than the fucked up air asia.

we can't cancel on air asia, they charge you about fifty ringgit per person to change any flight details. they do not inform you of any flight cancellations and neither do they inform you if they change your flight to a later, earlier or even to a totally different day.

oh yeah, they also can't seem to be on time. our flight was for 9.10pm from KLIA and to arrive at penang international airport around 10pm. guess where were we at 10pm? still on the tarmac at KLIA, waiting to taxi to the runway. and what time did we reach? within 30 mins. how's that possible? it's suppose to be a 45 min flight!!?? yeah right! heard of the term "cutting corners"? well, air asia was cutting corners all right. instead of smooth curves, the pilot thinks that he's on a F1 race track and just makes abrupt sharp turns where the passengers can feel that the plane is at an angle of almost 45 degrees and is leaning against the person seated next to him.

will i fly air asia ever again? at those cut throat prices? with those kamikaze pilots? at those fucked up terms and conditions? hmmm... do i really look like a fucking schmuck ready to be conned again by the backside airline?

Malaysia airline here i come.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i have no stomach

that's what my father-in-law says to everyone who visits him after the operation. "i have no stomach".

he was wheeled into the operation theatre at 2pm, wheeled out to the recovery area at 8 plus and finally back to the ward at midnight.

he's got the constitution of an ox. they took out his stomach and his spleen due to cancer, and he is awake, lucid and doing his exercises less than 12 hours later!

let's us hope that he can recover as quickly physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

of flesh and blood

daddy vincent, my father-in-law will be going in for surgery on tuesday morning. he's got a growth the size of his stomach outside his intestines in his abdomen. he's scared, very worried and very scared.

daddy vincent has always been a very proud and never-show-my-weakness kind of man. basically a very macho, man's man. recently, he's gotten so frail, and weak and old. my husband and i went back to the bangsar house to see him today and he's really, really weak. he's in so much pain, and he gets giddy if he sits up for too long. we were there for about eight and a half hours, and he's lying down on his bed for most of the time. it breaks my heart to see him like that.

the outspoken, proud man is showing his tender side. he's accepting massages, a helping hand to stand and walk, telling us that he loves us.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


for once i do not know how to emote. just numb. blank.

i read my sister-in-law's blog 5 minutes ago. i found out that my father-in-law has a tumour in his abdomen. i knew that he went for an endoscope yesterday. we were calling and calling but the phone just went unanswered. we wanted to find out what's wrong. well, now i know.

i'm just numb now, can't feel anything. why?

Monday, August 29, 2005


with the waiting and the banking process and lawyers and all those over, now comes the real headache, renovation and even MORE money coming out.

yeah, it's a great feeling, getting and putting together your own nest; a place of our own. but the stress is OMG huge. getting quotes, measuring, measuring and more measuring, designing and placement, which wall to knock down, where to place the door opening, now much to extend, how wide should the gate be, what material to use, what can we keep, what should we discard, what colour should this be; and the most important of all: CAN WE AFFORD IT????? we have to plan all this and play around with our tiny budget. if we actually did what we really wanted, it would probably cost more than the house.

we went to our cousin ronald's new home which is in the midst of renovation. he gave us some advice as well as introduce us to his contractor who, is a second cousin or something like that. now, we are getting a quote from him as well.

now, my husband works really hard to bring home the bacon, so all the planning and calling and calculating and research falls on my shoulders. as i plan and calculate, and to work within the budget, my chinky eyes just get bigger and bigger and bigger and my brain just get tighter and tighter and tighter, my sleep just gets lesser and lesser and lesser, and my hobbies and interest in everything else is fading. am i over stressed? nah, me thinks me needs PROZAC!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

home sweet home

we've bought a house a few months back and we're expecting the keys to the place next week. it's not a brand new house, therefore the price is much higher than one bought straight from the developer.

both my husband and i were pretty ignorant on the finances needed to buy a house, and did we have a shock of our lives when we realise how much we have to come up with in the very beginning. on top of the booking fee, there were the 10% downpayment, lawyer's fees, stamping fees, and this fee and that fee. we were pretty broke by the time we had signed all those cheques. it wasn't a nice feeling seeing your bank balance drop from from the thousands to a mere 138.62 in the matter of days.

that was then. we've survived the leaner times, and yes, nowadays we grab any outside gigs/jobs that pays well in order to fill up our lil nest egg again. we've put down some money to book some furniture and stuff, but we've got to take out quite a bit more to pay for some renovation, fittings, more furniture, appliances and this and that and all.

we used to have lil getaways for a few days every month at this resort not too far away. we absolutely adore the place, we call it our hometown. we've not been back to our hometown for a couple of months now and we can't afford anymore luxuries of that sort in the near future. it's penny pinching time now.

my husband and i have been so excited about our new home that i've started shopping for the smaller stuff 2 months back. we don't really have enough space at our present place to store anything too huge. i've got table runners, quilt covers, bedsheets, a teak seat, 4 side tables, a coffee table, frying pan, chopstick rests, cutlery and... and... i really can't remember what else.

2 days ago we got a letter from the lawyers telling us that we'll be getting the keys to our own home soon. and now we can't wait!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hazardous Haze Presence Denied

the haze brought about by our oh-so-inconsiderate neighbour, sumatra island has now reached hazardous levels. state of emergency has been declared in the towns of port klang and kuala selangor. it's plastered on the front page of the papers everyday. but rumours has it that the authorities has put a gag order on one of our news medium, afraid of the panic it might cause, as well as the bad publicity for the country.

HELLLLLLO!! the world is going to ignore our headlines, our main news of the day on tv, the cnn, bbc news, cnbc, and God knows what else; but they are gonna tune in and listen to what's going on in our country??!! puh leeze.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lone Pine's Diary entry for end of May 2005

Dear Diary,

on this last week of May, there were people who arrived and was running around almost immediately after arrival. i was thinking, oh no, not another bunch of rowdy bratty young executives having a get-together on my lawn again.

as the hours passed, there doesn't seem to be much activity going on. in fact, there wasn't any activity at all from this bunch of people. they seem to prefer hiding in their rooms.

2 days later, i discovered that i was wrong. there's activities going on. LOADS!! they are hammering and digging and tying and cutting and yelling and running and... and... everything else!

as i resigned to enduring another weekend of intoxication by my visitors (these young punks who come all the time and dirty my front yard ARE NOT guests, they ARE NOT welcomed at all, they are merely visitors), i suddenly realise that the young 'uns are not dragging crates of beer and alcohol. they are in fact, prettying me up!! with the lights and the whites and the flowers and the torches, and let's face it, for a grand ol dame who's been around since 1948, I can still look GOOOOOOOOD. and with my deepest, greatest appreciation, they not only make me look good, they made me vastly better looking than i've ever been. in one word, they made me...BEAUTIFUL.

all of a sudden, most people disappeared. with the exception of 1 or 2 fellas scurrying around, most of them just vanished. then, slowly one by one, and two by two they started appearing again, all in white. and they started to settle down on rows and rows of white crepe covered chairs decorated with red gerberas.

just before the approach of sunset, a man strolls down an aisle strewn with buds of white and red. he stands, with the most tender look on his face as he watches a beautiful angel in white float down the same aisle on the arms of a dapper looking gent. as they come face to face with each other, the flow of love that travels between the two individuals is so obvious it's almost tangible. he makes his vows to her in his deep baritone which is tinged with shivers of tears. the elfin angel trembles as she voices her vow to her beloved gentleman. the flamboyant rockstar of a man silently weeps with joy, adding a touch of sensitivity to his appeal, as he listens for the first time the promise of eternity that she's making to him.

as man and wife lead the stream of guests to the beach where they held in their hands their vows sealed in a bottle, to be launched onto eternity in the sea; the whole picture has an almost other-worldly, etheral feel to it. a gather of people all in white, floating down to the beach with candles in their hands. as the sun sets most perfectly, a glow of magenta across the horizon, the reflection upon the sea. for a moment, just that one wonderful moment, everyone was silent, as the man flung with all his might the beautiful, sealed, curved glass carafe carrying their vows onto the sea twinkling with the start of dusk. the crescendo of joyous cheers and laughter blanketed the almost still evening just a moment ago.

as everyone reluctantly pull themselves away from the wondrous scene with the candles surrounding all the lit tiki torches lining the beach path, a flow of before dinner cocktail was served. thus then that most began to calm themselves after stemming the flow of tears to celebrate the coming together of 2 most wonderfully deserved souls of life. there was not one dry eye throughout the whole time. some were openly sobbing, some were just letting their tears flow and the hardest of men were hit the hardest, for they were weeping in their hearts.

with the tinkling of glasses, everyone gradually move on to the 2 long classically elegant dining table for a wedding meal that's as mesmerizing as the sultry night was. there was laughter and cheers amidst the singing and strumming of the quartet performing. daughter, fathers, aunt and friends were all singing and dancing the night away.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

things a female should experience

as we all go thru our daily mundane routine, the ennui of it all kinda makes us feel disgustingly taken for granted, unappreciated, robotic or just plain bleagkh!! we are all definitely worth more than this. how do we all feel special? what should we do to express/develop/just simply get in touch with our feminine-ness? just out of my head, i have a few input, perhaps thru time i might add to this list as well.

let's celebrate feminity!! a woman should have these experiences at least once in her life:

1 - being seranaded
2 - a pedicure and manicure
3 - enjoy a meal cooked by a special someone
4 - spend a whole day shopping, just for yourself
5 - put on a bikini and be comfy in your own skin
6 - taking a day off work, and not feel guilty or responsible for anything
7 - enjoy a soak in the bath with the therapy of your choice
8 - being led on a romantic treasure hunt
9 - have your portrait taken
10 - have a stylist do a full makeover
11 - have a massage of your choice for as long as you want!!
12 - being bought some bling bling
13 - help out the less fortunate, just out of the kindness of your own heart
14 - seduce that special someone and revel in your feminity
15 - explore your artistic talent(s) (we are all artistic in some form or other, just
gotta explore and discover)

Friday, May 06, 2005


starbucks. it'll never be the same for me.

i met jasmin in mid november 2004. it's been just about four months. jas left for switzerland in mid april 2005. i miss her. i miss her loads.

one of our weekend rituals is to go to starbucks and have some frapps and latte, sit down and yak and yak about most things in our lives. there are times when both or either of us is not free, and we forgo the outing, and when that happens, somehow or rather, it seems that my week is not complete.

in the small amount of months that i've really gotten to know her, it seems to me that i've know her for years. when it was pointed out to me that i've only known her for a few months, i was taken aback.

'nuff said.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Irritating Judge

recently, i was kinda caught up in the american idol's new season. as usual, there'll be the ones that i went "OMG!!" over and there were the ones i go "WTF!?"

the one i'm rooting for this season is bo bice (love that voice and style) and the ones i am totally disgusted over are that nasal nanny-like one (out already, YAY!) and that constantine dude (fucking cocky and thinks he'll helluva happening)

now, the main reason for this piece of writing is not about the contestants but about one particular judge, the FEMALE one. she never knows what she's talking about and she's always trying to be the "good" guy by being to fuckingly plastic and sugar syrupy in all her comments. it's pretty obvious to me that she must be ditzyingly bimbo-ish in real life.

i mean, if i were a contestant, i'd wait for simon's comment coz he's the one who says it like it is. yes, he is got a razor tongue but at least he's genuine and he's the only one who dishes it out like someone in the industry would.

look, why would i want a pleasant-but-unrealistic-comment which makes me feel good but doesn't tell me where to improve myself to be ready for the real singing career.

paula who?? phhhhtt

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

me new toy

albeebo and buds
Originally uploaded by twoHandz.

ola y'all.

i recently took my husband for a weekend mini vacation at our favourite hidey hole. he's been working so hard that he's showing signs of a burn out.

a lil while after we've settled down in our hidey hole, he surprised me with a belated "valentine's" gift. a 1G iPod shuffle. should have seen the excitement and the joy on my face, in my actions and my screams!!

we were planning to have a afternoon nap... WHAT NAP?!! HOW CAN I SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!!

i've been meaning to get the iPod shuffle for myself, now my husband's gone and surprise me with one. with a man like that, how can i not love him with all my heart and soul :)

named it albeebo, as my ibook is named albee. i got iPod, i got iPod, nay nee nay nee boo boo, i got iPod :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

sounds in a box

i recently suffered an ear infection (in fact, i'm still having the ear infection, gotta go to the doctor for a second dose of medication).

it came with the normal, earache, low grade fever, hearing loss (ear canal was swollen, hence the hearing loss), and occasional zingy ear cramps.

what was amazing was the acute sounds i hear when things comes in contact with my head. i can't really hear when people are speaking into my infected ear, but what i hear when the water from the shower hits my head, or when i'm scratching my face or when i'm chewing on something, is quite out of this world. the best i can describe it is it sounds like as if my whole head is in an airtight box and the sounds are echoed and magnified. it's so loud, so clear and so acute.

pretty cool actually.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

comfy in your skin

as i was looking through the papers 2 days back, i saw some photos featuring a couple of my old classmates. these are people that i have not seen for more than 10 years. if it's not for the captions under the photos, i would never in a million years be able to guess that it was them.

one was them looked as though butter can't melt in her mouth. too picture perfect, too polish, and yes, she looks just as snooty and vain as she did back in school. so freakin plastic! must be the botox that preserved the tight-assed look that she perfected in school.

now, the second lady was certainly a surprise. she used to be such a naughty and mischievous kid back then, you know, the one who collects black marks and detention and couldn't give two hoots about it. now she looks like one tai-tai or mak datin, one that goes the whole nine yards! but i must say she does look good, a vast improvement from the 'old' look.

from the looks of it, it seems that these ladies dress and look like that all the time. morning, noon, evening and night. oh boy, sheer torture i'm sure.

i do not envy the two of them. i feel as though they are puppets of society. do they actually enjoy the whole process of dolling up? doubt it. come on, i'm a woman, i know what it's like. i do admit that there are times when we want to look great and we take the trouble to put together the perfect ensemble, matching accessories, the warpaint, the right scent, basically the whole works. but everyday? i don't think so.
there are days when you just wanna pull on that well worn pair of jeans and a top and just hang out with friends.

at the end of the day, it all depend on us being comfortable in our own skin. when you know that you can walk out of the house without a hint of make up, dressed in your most comfortable clothes and still feel confident enough to walk into a high-class mall and purchase some prada or mont blanc or even just a cup of coffee without even thinking of what the salesperson think of you, then my friend, you are comfy in your skin.

Monday, January 17, 2005

daddy n dad

i recently got married and now i have a daddy and a dad. daddy being my own father and dad, my father-in-law.

they have such different personalities and yet i find many similarities. daddy is quiet and reserved, whereas dad loves to talk and have parties. daddy is allergic to alcohol and dad enjoys getting 'spiritual'. and the list goes on.

the common ground is that they both come from the same school and are whole-heartedly loyal to their alma mater. the school rally was ingrained in me since i was six by my father and i can't even remember my own school songs!! and guess what, my husband is from the same school!

loyal they may be to their place of learning, that's where this particular similarity stops. one is fiercely proud of his alma mater and the other had never 'left' the school. he taught there, and even though he is retired, the place where he spent most of his life is cemented into his heart and his soul. his immediate family might not like the idea of 'his' school taking precedent over them, and i can understand why. but seeing him interacting with his former students, and how they revere him, paints a totally different picture.

there are also similarities in their core behaviour as well. both are men of very strong principles, quick witted and armed with tongues like the samurai's sharpest sword. their level and comprehension of the english language (the queen's english, mind you. to them the is no other kind) is so extensive that to hold a serious conversation with them, most of us might need to have a dictionary close-by.

they are of the conservative era, but it sometimes amazes me to experience their openmindedness and acceptance of modern day practices.

when it comes to their own, they are both slow to praise but expects the best (especially in the aspects of educational achievements, choice of friends, moral standings, and so on and so forth. then again, most parents do have this common trait). as we grow older, we slowly learn to recognize the glitter in their eyes that symbolizes their pride. they may not speak of it, not to our face at least, but sometimes all it takes for us is that split-second look. that's why when i have made a personal milestone, i peer really hard at my father to see if i can catch that telltale sign.

now, these are men whose children will learn to appreciate only when they've grown mature enough. they are not easy to understand. in fact i realise that my daddy had always treated me as an adult. therefore he's always expected me to be mature enough to make the correct decisions. but being a kid, i always, always made the kiddy one i.e the wrong one. i hated the veto power he had over everything i did.

there was a time when i did not speak to him for months. didn't even acknowledge his presence even though he was right there beside me. and when day of reconciliation came, i saw my father cry for the first time in my life and at that point i knew, he is a human being, a mere man, and not a demi God. he is a man. he too cries. he's my father.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

we go back.. waaaay back

recently met up with a friend that i have not seen for yonks. and when i say yonks, i really mean yonks.

it was so great coz the reception i got when i walked into his place of work was a bunch of adorable dogs just running up to you and my, they are soooo friendly!!

rufus has grown soooo big! still so cute.

ok, back to my friend. kev is an old buddy that i've known for more than ten years. we don't see each other very often, but somehow or rather, i never feel awkward or out of place each time i see him. we just pick up where we left off.

there has been ups and downs in both our lives, as well as friends that have moved on with their own lives. do we reminisce? seldom. we just catch up on our own lives and loved ones.

kev's doing something really great, i heard that on weekends he brings over some pets to some homes and let the underprivileged kids have a feel of what it's like to have an animal companion. now, this is not a one time thing. it goes on and on. and when the kids are capable of living live on their own, they leave the home but they've got a companion trotting next to them. ain't that cool!?

kudos to kev and all involved.

great to see you again kev.