Wednesday, January 30, 2008

eh mamak, be proud of your fame lah

here in malaysia, when we hear the word, "mamak" the first thing that comes to mind is the mamak stalls selling all sorts of affordable yummy food.

mamak is actually a term for indian muslims. true as it may be that they also excel in other fields and industries, it is the mamak stalls that brings their fame many, many notches higher. in fact, mamak stalls are a way of life for us malaysians, regardless of race or creed. it's a malaysian tourist attraction, or to term it more aptly, a malaysian-must-have.

these stalls that we can always find anytime of the day or night, 24/7 is the bloodline that intergrates the "muhibbah" spirit of us malaysians. this spirit of racial integration is what gives us malaysians our diverse and colourful culture.

would malaysia be the same without our beloved mamak? no way lah! no mamak?? where can?!?

i'm proud of our mamaks... wouldn't you be?

JJ and Rudy of recently made a parody "i got it from my mamak". very apt anthem for our yummilicious mamak stalls.

i'm going to my fav mamak stall now. "... aney, teh tarik satu, kurang manis; setengah masak dua..."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

another day, another rant about another asshole

what to write? dunno. i want to sula a fucking arsehole who thinks that he's so all that....and more.

he's such a irresponsible prick in the the first place who made appointments and not keep them and now he's being such a racist to his own race! Oi! cheebye, i'm chinese ok.. don't you dare not respect my festivities you muthafarking bastard.

ok. done ranting.. but still feel very pissed off. what to do now?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

happy birthday to me..........N O T !!!

blekh! i had a shitty new year's day and a shitty birthday this year. spotty with itchy chicken pox!

i was having the chills and fever and achy joints and muscles a few days before the new year. and on new year's eve i developed some red spots on my arms and i was so afraid that it was dengue fever. went to the doctor and he said that it's not dengue but i have a viral infection. gave me antibiotics (antibiotics to fight virus??? since when is that possible!) and sent me home. the next day i woke up and felt a blister on my abdomen. went to hubby and asked him if it's chicken pox. he took one look and said yup, that does look like chicken pox alright. hmmm... better stay away from my baby boy.

went and googled about chicken pox and found that it has a 10 to 14 day incubation period. dang! that means i caught it before Christmas. and moreover, it starts to be infectious 2 days before the pox starts showing. that could mean that my baby is already infected.

later in the day i went to the doctor (again..) to confirm that it was chicken pox. i got the same lousy doctor again. this scruffy quack who took one look at my abdomen and all he said was.."yup, yup, yup...yup, yup, yup" his bedside manner is was worse than gregory house m.d. minus the obnoxious charm. this dude was just scruffy, smelly and unprofessional. i mean any doctor worth his 2 cents of salt would have known that it could be chicken pox when he saw me the day before. stoopiad farker. pigi-dah!

so, there it is, a spotty birthday for me this year.