Friday, March 16, 2007

naza after sales is the PITS!!

we recently got a naza citra. it was going for a pretty decent price for a car with leather seats, tint, dvd player... the works. pretty happy with the car so far, the only complaint is that the fuel comsumption is on the high side.

as we had some 'inside contact' to get the car, acquiring the car was pretty quick. we were passed down to the big shot of sales, who then passed us down to one sales manager who then passed down to his sales exec who did the job pretty decently.

it is now due for it's first 1000km service and the headache starts. the sales manager offered to arrange for the service appointments. we never did ask for all these, he only go and offer all this. "dun worry, just gimme a call and i'll arrange everything for you". yeah, right! he's not even picking up the calls or returning the calls or replying to the messages sent to him. Ceh!

his sales exec is a wee bit better. he tried to arrange for an appointment at the puchong service centre, but the place is jammed pack and the only opening for a service is in 10 days' time. we told him no, let's try the service centre in pj. the dude never called back. he also kinda hinted that we do the booking of appointment ourselves. eh, hello??!! we never asked for all this ok, you all only clever-clever go and offer. and then now cannot deliver. so blady useless.

that's the problem with these fellas. once a sale is made, that's it. no need to hope for more.

our previous car dealings were with perodua. the salesman was excellent! he arranges everything, even up to the extent of taking us out for breakfast while waiting for the car to be serviced. he kept in contact even after he left perodua and still ask if there's any problems.

Perodua Rocks!! and naza SUCKS!! Big time.

Friday, March 02, 2007

JENG! - JENG! - JENG!!! New HIT show!

There's a new show out, with brilliant screenplay and mediocre directing it's not too shabby, but with the horrendous acting by the players involved, it doesn't seem like it's going to be a hit or even a sleeper hit. the masses never like morale busting performances. here's an excerpt from a viewer's opinion. this viewer happens to be a family member of one of the performers of the show. here goes:

...and today is Sunny's birthday. such a happy day... til his stupid 'work family' spoiled it.

i got up this morning, and as i was pottering around in the haus, i turned on the tv to see my favourite celeb on the daily morning talkshow, FritZ TV. as i turned on the volume,, it was in the middle of a scene featuring some good-for-nothing giving his birthday shoutout to our Sunny. this fuck wit wished him, "Happy Birthday Sunny" and told him that he sucks and something or rather about a football team aptly named, Another-living-fooL. WHAT THE FUCK!!??!

as i looked out for the subsequent sets that came on, it was all about the same crap. apparently Sunny's so called work "family" set it all up and got him a Another-living-fooL jersey (where they got buy one, they just call up alidas and get free one, or took Woody's (Sunny's talkshow co-host) jersery (who's no big time Another-living-fooL fan anyways), or just bought some pasar malam ciplak one) as well as a birthday cake on which is written "Another-living-fooL 3, Man-U-are-GreaT 1"

i tried and tried the FritZ call in line and finally managed to get thru and got Loon-nia (the apparent productin assistant of the show) on the line. i asked what the fuck were they trying to do? doing all this on his BIRTHDAY??!!? the silly boy had the gall to tell me that it was fun. FUN?? fun my ass lah... anyways i actually wanted to wish Sunnyt on air, but that silly Loon-nia put me on hold (think he panicked and didn't know what to do). i hung up of course.

anyways, whoever came up with, supported and went along with this idea that making fun of Sunny on his birthday makes good TV are crossed off my list now. these people call themselves 'family'. family don't do jack like this to each other. i used to sayang this bunch, but now... they can go fuck themselves for all i care. no one in the family makes good TV or good whatever the fuck at the expense of another member of the clan. moreover these clowns dragged the "Another-living-fooL VS Man-U-are-GreaT" game into the whole thing as well, knowing full well that Sunny is a big Man-U-are-GreaT fan. you idiots call this whole insincere, insulting farce a birthday wish from the FritZ family?? PPHHHHBBFFFFTTTT!!

the whole fiasco was so unbelievably sickening that it made me so upset that i couldn't stop crying. it know that it's not good to be stressed out and crying while i'm pregnant, but i couldn't help it.

Sunny is good natured, he doesn't mind and goes along with the whole thing in the name of good TV and kinship. I, on the other hand . . . . . . . . . KER-SHHHINGG!!

Note: the original plot of this show has apparently ruffled some peacock feathers. the boss-man-executive-producer of the show had, in a very "PC" way hinted that it would be detrimental to the well-being of the show. i'll give him that much. at least he's man enough to speak up. in light of my happy mood due to Man-U-are-GreaT beating Another-living-fooL in the game, i've re-wrote the screenplay, and i shall also add that, "THIS PIECE OF FICTION FROM MY IMAGINATION IS IN NO WAY REFLECTING ANY INCIDENTS OR ANY PERSONS IN REALITY."