Saturday, May 20, 2006

i hate going downtown... i'll make an exception for coliseum

i had to go downtown a few times in the past week. i really HATE going into town. unless i have some appointment, or events or when i absolutely, absolutely HAVE to go, i avoid it at all costs.

"what about shopping?", you say. i'll get what i need in the suburban malls.

zach, my bro-in-law is getting married to his luv-luv soon, and my mumzie-in-law bought us girls some cloth to sew the kebaya 'uniform' that we're all suppose to wear for the occasion. the dang tailor is DOWNTOWN!

fine. went, got measured, put down deposit and left. i was dreading the next trip to collect the kebaya. the tailor woman calls me up two days later to tell me that the embroidery in the cloth is lopsided. i have to make an ADDITIONAL trip to get the cloth changed. why can't she see the fault the first time i was there? she opened up the cloth to look and all. ISH!!

i went to collect the kebaya today, and my hubsterman was sweet enough to drive smack into downtown traffic. also, i have the company of my sweetie sista-in-law izan (she's married to my hubsterman's older bro, joshua). she's one of my favouritest person in the family. those two plus points made the trip more enjoyable.

but the best part of this last foray downtown was when we were feeling hungry and wondered where to have lunch. suddenly, hubsterman proclaimed, "COLISEUM! Let's go Coliseum!". we went a couple of round looking for parking and the traffic system is totally horrendous.

COLISEUM is totally worth it all. the hassle, the traffic, the whole trip. the food and atmosphere is awesome! love every single minute and taste of it. delish!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

parents didn't teach you any manners, is it?

i had to go to town on two separate occasions recently, and i took the commuter train and the light rail transit. youngsters in malaysia nowadays don't really have much manners. it is already a sad situation when we need signages to be posted on the trains to give up certain allocated seats to the elderly, the expectant mothers and the handicapped. i mean, i understand the allocated seats, as they are near the exits, but the signages?

what's even worse is, with all these signages, youngsters are STILL hogging these seats and the elderly, the pregnant and handicapped STANDS. even if the young are illiterate, they should have the home education of manners and courtesy.

while in the train today, an elderly malay man had to give up his seat for a blind man. how did we know that he's blind? he had the cane. you know, the foldable blind man cane that everyone recognises at once. yet the young bastards around are continuing with their own business of nonchalance.

today i had my senior citizen mom with me, and an indian gentleman gave up his seat for her instantly and when i thanked him, he told me that i'm most welcomed. sure gave a nice warm feeling of the goodness in people. this chap is shorter than i am and he had a briefcase-sized bag with him. he could barely hang on to the straps dangling from the ceiling of the carriage roof to hold on to. he looked and sounded like a citizen of india. if he really is, it makes me cringe to call myself a malaysian. what kind of image are we putting out there to the foreigners? we've always been portrayed as warm, friendly and COURTEOUS. where's the malaysian common courtesy in this?

i don't want to point fingers here, but the majority of the people who rides the commuter trains and the LRT are of a certain race, therefore they obviously bag a bigger percentage of having no common courtesy. are they always the culprits? what about the rest of them? take a ride yourself and find out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

greed begets cons ~ too good to be true

i was mucking around ebay again recently. and this time around i looked at the camera listings. i came across a brand new canon 20D with all the extras going for US$350 inclusive of shipping. this is too good to be true.

this person is a newly registered ebay member and had 2 listings for dirt cheap brand new cameras and no feedback or reviews at all.

the dude listed an email address for queries and stuff. so i emailed him some questions. why so cheap? how much for shipment? payment method?

dude replied that it'll be shipped via his UPS account and the whole deal should be done through ebay and therefore, is safe. oh yeah, i should also furbish him with my mailing details so that he can go ahead with it.

i messaged him again via email AND ebay messaging system about the payment method. he replied through email that he's new to ebay and he'll let ebay advice us on the payment method.

i sent him another email saying that i'll only use paypal for dealings above US$20. guess what? no reply til now. his previous replies were always within 30 minutes.

i then did a google search on the name stated in his email and i found that a person with the name MIHAI ALIN has conned people before! was i surprised? nah, not really.

deal was just too damn good to be true.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bali, here we no come

we were planning to go to bali for a holiday at the end of the month. it turns out to be more than we can afford. with all the debts we have piled up, the trip can't meet the budget at the moment. we can probably afford a 2 night stay, but that defeats the purpose. a 2 day stay would probably be more stressful. a holiday is for de-stressing and unwinding (Lord knows how my hubster needs some unwinding. he's been working almost non-stop, including weekends). we decided not to go. we bought a PS2 instead. guess what i named the playstation? yup. bali.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

more of me

i've recently created another blog. it's totally different from this. most of it is in a conversational style and it's more light hearted.

interested? then go to ...a lil conversation...

Friday, May 05, 2006

ugly kevin

i recently came aross this really ugly looking twat name kevin. he talks real big. loves to throw around names of celebrities and people that i'm sure he's not even met. apparently he blogs as well. i really didn't wanna find out his blog address. i'm sure it's as annoying and lightweight as he is. oh yeah, it seems that he's gay and proud of it. there's nothing wrong with being gay, just don't be so "in your face" about it. it's classier that way.

"why am i writing about him then?" you ask. well, i'm just using him as an example of all the irritating small fries out there. these people are like pesky flies. buzzing around and smearing shit and bugs and other disgusting what-nots on people. they are many "lil flies" out there. have had the misfortune to meet some of them, and i'm sure i'll meet a few more along the way.

why do these people so eager to name drop and pushy? have they not heard of good manners? i, too can be as bitchy as the next diva, but these people are just downright trashy.

there. now that i've said my piece, i can brush these minnows off the fringe of my irritation.

no sleep

i just couldn't go to sleep. been up the whole night. got even more tired by rolling around in bed trying to sleep for over 2 hours. finally got out of bed. got on the computer, and at about six in the morning i heard this really loud clacking sound coming from the front yard. got out to investigate. turns out to be the water filter backwash meter. been having problems with it since last week. called the water filter company and they said that it'll take about a week to get a replacement as they've ran out of stock. that was 6 days ago. the freaking company still have not replaced it. spent another 10 mins frantically trying to figure out how to open it up. didn't want to wake up my neighbours. yes, it was THAT loud. finally managed to open it up and had a slight electric shock dismantling it. finger still hurts. dang!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

all dogs go to heaven

just read junkgirl's blog entry of the passing of her dog. a painful experience.

brings to mind my own doggie friends who touched my life. scrappy, nicky, peggy, may, shorty and horny (yes, he was named horny, not a good idea when i come home after a night of gallavanting and he runs out of the house when i drive my car in. imagine screaming. "HORNY! HORNY!" down the neighbourhood at 3am. the tip to naming a doggie is to scream the chosen name a few times standing outside your doorstep, if it sounds ok, then go ahead. if it sounds bad, choose another name). there were quite a few others as my paternal grandfather had a kennel. oh yeah, there was also tony, the psychotic dog. he should have been put to sleep. too agressive for a pet. even bit my grandmother once. the woman who feeds him! he belonged to my equally psychotic auntie yin. the only person who can control him was my dad. hated the dang dog.

scrappy was a daschund mix breed. he was very good at hunting and catching snakes and rats. the game dog in him is really dominant at times like that. it's a good thing, coz there were quite a few snakes in my grandad's backyard at the time as it was near a jungle which is now been developed to a great loss of some green lung. scrappy loves car rides. he would stick his little head out the car window and his long ears would flap out behind him. great dog. one of my 2 favs.

nicky. i have no idea what breed he was. all i know that he's white, big and shaggy. we had him and peggy together. peggy was a poodle mix, she had curly hair. nicky was nicknamed 'mad man'. he goes wild when it rains. he just loves to play in the rain. funnily enough, he hates bathing time. the moment he hears the big aluminium can being dragged out, he runs and hide under the car. my auntie catherine and i used to take nicky an peggy for walks. she'll have peggy and i'll have nicky on my leash. i think it was nicky taking me for a walk, the way he'd drag me around. he was the other of my 2 favs.

may was a great dane. i was really young when may was around. i used to think that may was a pony! she was very gentle and sweet. nothing of her hugeness frightened me at all.

shorty. shorty, shorty, shorty. shorty loves to fight. he was an alsatian mix. goodness knows what he was mixed with, all i remember that was shorty had very short legs, hence the name. very original, i know. he was the paradigm of the alpha male. he protects all the dogs in the kennel. woe comes to any other dog coming to the kennel area. he even climbed over a 7 foot chain-link fence to fight dogs OUTSIDE. he's fine with the other dogs, but no outsiders. he's great with people. loves eggs and bananas and tummy rubs. he looks as though he's got a perpetual grin on his face.

then there was dolly. dolly, my ex-neighbour's tormented pet. she used to hit dolly with a rubber hose til my dad had a word with her. the next thing we knew, dolly was no longer around. she must have dumped the dog somewhere. a couple of years after that, we saw a dog looking exactly like dolly, looking into my neighbour's home from the street. the dog left after a long, lingering look. dolly never came back after that. it was almost 20 years ago.

mary's also no longer with us. mary was my auntie catherine's german shepard. when my cousin melanie was a new born, mary was her baby sitter. mary sits and sleeps just beside melanie's cot and would always run to get my aunt about 2 seconds before melanie starts to cry. mary was pretty smart too. she could open doors. back then, homes seldom used doorknobs, it was mostly doorhandles. mary could open those while standing on her hind legs. mary was a very regal looking creature. i'll never forget it when i was in primary one, aunt catherine dropped me off to school, and mary was in the backseat. my aunt's car was surrounded by kids, petting and cooing and just plain excited by mary. mary just sat there, tall and straight.

all these dogs are in doggie heaven now.