Monday, May 14, 2007

sucky delicious

went out with the family for mothers' day lunch yesterday. zach set it for about one-ish and as usual, the gang was late. hubby and i who live the furthest away were on time and it was on us to source for a venue from zach suggestions. it being mothers' day, all the restaurants refused to take reservations and it was first come first serve and the waiting list was almost a mile long. our party of 10 didn't help matters along as well. after scrounging around the area for a spot, hubby and i parked ourselves at delicious and that was about 1.45 pm.

it was about at least a 30 minute wait for a table at delicious in bangsar village II. that was not too bad as the family started trickling in only after 2pm.

the food wasn't too shabby but the service stinks to kingdom come. the wait staff were useless. they tend to loiter around trying to look busy rather than serve the customers. the manager person was the only efficient dude around. he had to tell the staff that customers are trying to get their attention, telling them to get the menu, serve the people... and so on and so forth. it being a mothers' day sunday huge lunch time crowd added to the inefficiency of the staff.

we wanted to finish off the meal with some coffee and tea and after waiting 15 minutes for it, we got fed up and just asked for the bill instead. the unserved coffee and tea was included in the bill and we asked for it to be removed from the bill. instead of coming back to us with the revised bill, they brought the tea. we sent it back and told them we didn't want it anymore as we had waited so long for it and it never came.

after an eternity, we finally got the revised bill and paid up. as zach wanted the receipt we were in for another long wait. we didn't want the few bucks of change (even though they didn't deserve a single cent of tip after that horrendous service), we were just waiting for the receipt. it was only after we informed the manager dude that we didn't want the change and were only waiting for the receipt that the staff quickly moved into action and produced the dang piece of paper.

i can understand the wait for the kitchen to prepare the food and stuff, but waiting that long just for your change and receipt?

are they really that useless or is it just a ploy on the staffs' part to get their extra money in tips, just hoping that customers get fed up of waiting for change and leave?