Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Did you zubedy today?

Many Colors, One Race.

Banish the idea of segregation through the difference in colour, creed or culture. Instead, revel in the diversity of our world.

Love Thy Neighbour. This is a simple sentence, but how many of us truly understand and practice this? Even if we do understand and do so, but to what degree? It's time we learn a very valuable lesson from our very, very young children. The really young children who have yet to be influenced by caregivers and family members do not discriminate. They sense only the kindness in a person. It's only when they grow older and begin to understand more, that the influence of the loved ones - unconsciously or otherwise - begins to mould and shape these young absorbent minds.

"...the first of Unity offerings under “Many Colors, One Race” a banner for products and services that will bring together Malaysians and later the world to become One, while keeping the splendor of our diversity intact."

~ excerpt from an article by Anas Zubedy

A wonderful piece by Mr Zubedy. And because of his belief in unity, I use the name Zubedy as a noun. Hence the question, "Did you zubedy today?" Did you lend a helping hand without even an unconscious thought of any kind of discrimination today? Did you promote and practice unity today?

It is not too late. It is NEVER too late to zubedy.

note: I do not know Anas Zubedy, or do I have any connection or affiliation to him or his company or his organisation. This posting written simply because I admire Anas Zubedy's ideology and his courage to speak up about and promote unity. Syabas Anas.