Friday, March 16, 2007

naza after sales is the PITS!!

we recently got a naza citra. it was going for a pretty decent price for a car with leather seats, tint, dvd player... the works. pretty happy with the car so far, the only complaint is that the fuel comsumption is on the high side.

as we had some 'inside contact' to get the car, acquiring the car was pretty quick. we were passed down to the big shot of sales, who then passed us down to one sales manager who then passed down to his sales exec who did the job pretty decently.

it is now due for it's first 1000km service and the headache starts. the sales manager offered to arrange for the service appointments. we never did ask for all these, he only go and offer all this. "dun worry, just gimme a call and i'll arrange everything for you". yeah, right! he's not even picking up the calls or returning the calls or replying to the messages sent to him. Ceh!

his sales exec is a wee bit better. he tried to arrange for an appointment at the puchong service centre, but the place is jammed pack and the only opening for a service is in 10 days' time. we told him no, let's try the service centre in pj. the dude never called back. he also kinda hinted that we do the booking of appointment ourselves. eh, hello??!! we never asked for all this ok, you all only clever-clever go and offer. and then now cannot deliver. so blady useless.

that's the problem with these fellas. once a sale is made, that's it. no need to hope for more.

our previous car dealings were with perodua. the salesman was excellent! he arranges everything, even up to the extent of taking us out for breakfast while waiting for the car to be serviced. he kept in contact even after he left perodua and still ask if there's any problems.

Perodua Rocks!! and naza SUCKS!! Big time.

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Kentuckianasian said...

Customer service is one area that Malaysian employers really need to seriously improve on, don't you think? Once the sale is concluded, the sales person is nowhere in sight. I've never seen Citra before, must Google it lah.