Tuesday, January 18, 2005

comfy in your skin

as i was looking through the papers 2 days back, i saw some photos featuring a couple of my old classmates. these are people that i have not seen for more than 10 years. if it's not for the captions under the photos, i would never in a million years be able to guess that it was them.

one was them looked as though butter can't melt in her mouth. too picture perfect, too polish, and yes, she looks just as snooty and vain as she did back in school. so freakin plastic! must be the botox that preserved the tight-assed look that she perfected in school.

now, the second lady was certainly a surprise. she used to be such a naughty and mischievous kid back then, you know, the one who collects black marks and detention and couldn't give two hoots about it. now she looks like one tai-tai or mak datin, one that goes the whole nine yards! but i must say she does look good, a vast improvement from the 'old' look.

from the looks of it, it seems that these ladies dress and look like that all the time. morning, noon, evening and night. oh boy, sheer torture i'm sure.

i do not envy the two of them. i feel as though they are puppets of society. do they actually enjoy the whole process of dolling up? doubt it. come on, i'm a woman, i know what it's like. i do admit that there are times when we want to look great and we take the trouble to put together the perfect ensemble, matching accessories, the warpaint, the right scent, basically the whole works. but everyday? i don't think so.
there are days when you just wanna pull on that well worn pair of jeans and a top and just hang out with friends.

at the end of the day, it all depend on us being comfortable in our own skin. when you know that you can walk out of the house without a hint of make up, dressed in your most comfortable clothes and still feel confident enough to walk into a high-class mall and purchase some prada or mont blanc or even just a cup of coffee without even thinking of what the salesperson think of you, then my friend, you are comfy in your skin.


sunhands said...

You said it my wife. Life is too short to worry about what the next person thinks. As long as we are happy with what we see looking back in the mirror everyday without the extras on, we are comfortable in our own skin

Anonymous said...

there are those who can still PRETEND to be comfy, either that or they are just kidding themselves.