Tuesday, February 22, 2005

sounds in a box

i recently suffered an ear infection (in fact, i'm still having the ear infection, gotta go to the doctor for a second dose of medication).

it came with the normal, earache, low grade fever, hearing loss (ear canal was swollen, hence the hearing loss), and occasional zingy ear cramps.

what was amazing was the acute sounds i hear when things comes in contact with my head. i can't really hear when people are speaking into my infected ear, but what i hear when the water from the shower hits my head, or when i'm scratching my face or when i'm chewing on something, is quite out of this world. the best i can describe it is it sounds like as if my whole head is in an airtight box and the sounds are echoed and magnified. it's so loud, so clear and so acute.

pretty cool actually.

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