Thursday, April 07, 2005

Irritating Judge

recently, i was kinda caught up in the american idol's new season. as usual, there'll be the ones that i went "OMG!!" over and there were the ones i go "WTF!?"

the one i'm rooting for this season is bo bice (love that voice and style) and the ones i am totally disgusted over are that nasal nanny-like one (out already, YAY!) and that constantine dude (fucking cocky and thinks he'll helluva happening)

now, the main reason for this piece of writing is not about the contestants but about one particular judge, the FEMALE one. she never knows what she's talking about and she's always trying to be the "good" guy by being to fuckingly plastic and sugar syrupy in all her comments. it's pretty obvious to me that she must be ditzyingly bimbo-ish in real life.

i mean, if i were a contestant, i'd wait for simon's comment coz he's the one who says it like it is. yes, he is got a razor tongue but at least he's genuine and he's the only one who dishes it out like someone in the industry would.

look, why would i want a pleasant-but-unrealistic-comment which makes me feel good but doesn't tell me where to improve myself to be ready for the real singing career.

paula who?? phhhhtt

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sunhands said...

I totally agree.