Friday, May 06, 2005


starbucks. it'll never be the same for me.

i met jasmin in mid november 2004. it's been just about four months. jas left for switzerland in mid april 2005. i miss her. i miss her loads.

one of our weekend rituals is to go to starbucks and have some frapps and latte, sit down and yak and yak about most things in our lives. there are times when both or either of us is not free, and we forgo the outing, and when that happens, somehow or rather, it seems that my week is not complete.

in the small amount of months that i've really gotten to know her, it seems to me that i've know her for years. when it was pointed out to me that i've only known her for a few months, i was taken aback.

'nuff said.

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sunhands said...

I totally agree. I miss her too