Saturday, May 07, 2005

things a female should experience

as we all go thru our daily mundane routine, the ennui of it all kinda makes us feel disgustingly taken for granted, unappreciated, robotic or just plain bleagkh!! we are all definitely worth more than this. how do we all feel special? what should we do to express/develop/just simply get in touch with our feminine-ness? just out of my head, i have a few input, perhaps thru time i might add to this list as well.

let's celebrate feminity!! a woman should have these experiences at least once in her life:

1 - being seranaded
2 - a pedicure and manicure
3 - enjoy a meal cooked by a special someone
4 - spend a whole day shopping, just for yourself
5 - put on a bikini and be comfy in your own skin
6 - taking a day off work, and not feel guilty or responsible for anything
7 - enjoy a soak in the bath with the therapy of your choice
8 - being led on a romantic treasure hunt
9 - have your portrait taken
10 - have a stylist do a full makeover
11 - have a massage of your choice for as long as you want!!
12 - being bought some bling bling
13 - help out the less fortunate, just out of the kindness of your own heart
14 - seduce that special someone and revel in your feminity
15 - explore your artistic talent(s) (we are all artistic in some form or other, just
gotta explore and discover)

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sunhands said...

Have you checked all on you list sweetheart??