Sunday, August 14, 2005

home sweet home

we've bought a house a few months back and we're expecting the keys to the place next week. it's not a brand new house, therefore the price is much higher than one bought straight from the developer.

both my husband and i were pretty ignorant on the finances needed to buy a house, and did we have a shock of our lives when we realise how much we have to come up with in the very beginning. on top of the booking fee, there were the 10% downpayment, lawyer's fees, stamping fees, and this fee and that fee. we were pretty broke by the time we had signed all those cheques. it wasn't a nice feeling seeing your bank balance drop from from the thousands to a mere 138.62 in the matter of days.

that was then. we've survived the leaner times, and yes, nowadays we grab any outside gigs/jobs that pays well in order to fill up our lil nest egg again. we've put down some money to book some furniture and stuff, but we've got to take out quite a bit more to pay for some renovation, fittings, more furniture, appliances and this and that and all.

we used to have lil getaways for a few days every month at this resort not too far away. we absolutely adore the place, we call it our hometown. we've not been back to our hometown for a couple of months now and we can't afford anymore luxuries of that sort in the near future. it's penny pinching time now.

my husband and i have been so excited about our new home that i've started shopping for the smaller stuff 2 months back. we don't really have enough space at our present place to store anything too huge. i've got table runners, quilt covers, bedsheets, a teak seat, 4 side tables, a coffee table, frying pan, chopstick rests, cutlery and... and... i really can't remember what else.

2 days ago we got a letter from the lawyers telling us that we'll be getting the keys to our own home soon. and now we can't wait!!

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