Monday, August 29, 2005


with the waiting and the banking process and lawyers and all those over, now comes the real headache, renovation and even MORE money coming out.

yeah, it's a great feeling, getting and putting together your own nest; a place of our own. but the stress is OMG huge. getting quotes, measuring, measuring and more measuring, designing and placement, which wall to knock down, where to place the door opening, now much to extend, how wide should the gate be, what material to use, what can we keep, what should we discard, what colour should this be; and the most important of all: CAN WE AFFORD IT????? we have to plan all this and play around with our tiny budget. if we actually did what we really wanted, it would probably cost more than the house.

we went to our cousin ronald's new home which is in the midst of renovation. he gave us some advice as well as introduce us to his contractor who, is a second cousin or something like that. now, we are getting a quote from him as well.

now, my husband works really hard to bring home the bacon, so all the planning and calling and calculating and research falls on my shoulders. as i plan and calculate, and to work within the budget, my chinky eyes just get bigger and bigger and bigger and my brain just get tighter and tighter and tighter, my sleep just gets lesser and lesser and lesser, and my hobbies and interest in everything else is fading. am i over stressed? nah, me thinks me needs PROZAC!!!!!

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