Tuesday, October 25, 2005

meet the useless new super villian

Dorkybuds Fart-fart Chou-Chou Skippy

me new super villian name. so freakin wimpy!!

My Piggle is Dorkybuds Fart-fart Chou-Chou Skippy.
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Bart said...

See what u made me do? now i'm..

Captain Shabadoo Shanghai Mahogony Daddyo Bartman

twohands said...

ha ha ha!! that sounds like a slut pimp wannabe. and just as wimpy as mine =P

Sunhands said...

This is my villian name

Dorkybuds Fart-fart Chou-Chou Skippy

twohands said...

hey sunhands, we're the same villian *evil laugh*