Tuesday, October 04, 2005

cry fm

WTF??!! how the heck did fly's presenting skills become so atrocious?? he was one of the big gurus of broadcasting. you can put it down as, "he's rusty, give him a bit of time". yeah, but what in the world happenned to his quick wit? i used to think that he's got one of the best broadcasting minds around, but now, i dunno man, it looks like he's lost it.

and who in the world is this natalie person?? she's just so fucking annoying. whiny and annoying. and this big j dude, just sit in the background and grunt once in a while is it? and you get paid for that?!!

they should have given the job to my sista gurl. there's absolutely no biasness in saying this, "she would have kicked ass i tell you". big loss suckers.

should have known that fly's lost it when he chose natalie. i was so anxiously awaiting the launch, and now i'm fucking disappointed.

i must say that the music is not bad tho. and that melanie is a diamond in the rough. they should look at giving her more air time instead.

but at the end of the day, i just wanna know, "fly, what happenned to you?"


Zab said...

Yeah, I was disappointed too. And 3 dj's just doesn't work huh? Too many 'mrican accents flying around pulak tu!

And if by sista gurl you meant me - why I'm flattered! *beam* so much confidence! Although, I must say that I did suck at the audition. I pray to god that they erased the tape!

Love ya!

TwoHands said...

you are so right on the 'mrican accents. so the over lah.

and yes, by sista gurl, i definitely mean you. you may have sucked at the audition, but if they're good at sifting thru talents, they should have taken into account everyone's nervousness. and i meant it when i said, "you would have kicked ass!"

luvluv sista gurl, luvluv

Zab said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! :)

twohands said...

welcome =)