Monday, January 16, 2006

looking back at 2005

i came across a meish site that lets you sum up your 2005 in 24 words or less and publish them.

have a go. it makes me reflect on MY 2005.

here's what i had to say:

1st wedding anniversary

moved into our own home

good friends relocating

rediscovering film photography

getting white hair

thought of getting a dog

how 'bout you?


Junkgirl said...

So have you got a dog yet or still thinking about it..:0)

twohands said...

hi junkgirl,

fancy seeing your here =D

nope, have yet to get a dog. not in the right state to get one at the moment. gotta be ready for the responsibility of having one.

soon, hopefully =)


Junkgirl said...

yes twohands..I came across your blog, which I find really interesting and eases the depressed feeling I currently have..dunno why, just feel bothered.
I find us quite similar in some ways - working couples with no kids, purchased a nest recently and I'm longing for a dog too but I'm concern about time. Working full-time and already lack of time to pursue my interests, I fear getting a dog will even lessen my time.
I think the lack of time do pursue my interests also contributes to my depression. Well, this is life, I guess. 99% spent working and doing the things we have-to-do but don't wanna do.
Hey, there's a term for us, dunno if you've heard of it - D.I.N.K = Double Income, No Kids!