Thursday, January 19, 2006


marcus. that name sends shivers down my spine.

not in the sense of heart palpitations, sweaty palms and tingling scalp.

it's in the sense of heart seizing, fingernails on chalkboard, and cold blood rushing to the very hot brain.

in my previous home, i had nextdoor a family from hell. they had a father who hits our car with his beat-up small suzuki jimny and told me to hit his car back if i'm not happy with it. i called him a fucking asshole. and i told my dad about it (yes, i said the word 'fucking asshole' to my father). and when he saw my dad, he had the fucking gall to tell him that his daughther called him a fucking asshole just because he's had a bad day and accidently gently bumped our car. he also told my dad that he'll apologise to me when he sees me next. he didn't. no balls.

there's also a wife who screams all day long, and tried to sweet talk me into joining her direct selling programme.

and three sons; matthew, marcus and lucas. these three monsters were made to practice the piano all day long (no musical talent at all too). and they scream too. a lot.

anyways, i moved into my new home in dec 2005 and the neighbourhood seems pretty quiet. there are some kids in the houses around, but no screaming moms and kids. i have a inquisitive 6 year old kid and his 3 year old sister next door. but they are mostly indoors.

couple of weeks back, my neighbour was cleaning the frontyard and she was talking to her kids who were indoors. all of a sudden i heard, "MAAARRCUSS!!!"

my heart stopped. my breath caught. my blood went cold.

the little boy's name is marcus.

i heard the woman shouting that name again today. same thing. stopped heart. caught breath. cold blood.

twice in a month is very good compared to the daily ear torture. still, it's not good enough.

no screaming of any sort would be ideal.

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