Wednesday, June 07, 2006

our new cyclops!

WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!

my small 3.2 mp (i call her pixie, coz she's got tiny megaPIXel count) point & shoot's LCD gave up its ghost recently and i'm the kind who likes taking photos as a hobby. i normally bring pixie wherever i go. i can still shoot with pixie, but with the LCD kaput, Lord knows what i'm photographing.

my hubsterman have been learning here and there shooting with a dslr and he's in love with the canon 30D. too bad, cannot afford a 30D. i was actually looking at the 350D all these while. i feel that it's more than sufficient for me, not planning to go into professional photography (not good enough) but looking at the 350D, it might be a lil bit too small for my hubsterman's hand grip.

my bro jason also pointed out the fact that it might be better to go for a 350D and save the rest of the money for the accessories. me thinks that's an excellent idea =)

so, we went camera shopping this afternoon and got the canon 350D with a kit lens to start off. so happy! so happy! so happy!!!

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