Saturday, June 03, 2006

can't sleep... again

it's like 5.15 in the morning and i can't sleep. i'm suppose to wake up at 7am coz it's zach's wedding today.

it's gonna be a long day ahead and i dunno how i'm gonna tahan til the nite. all the la-di-da and la-di-do, plus the preparation of the arch and bridal room. oh GOD!

went to bed at about 3am, thinking, "ok, i'll get about 4 hours sleep. gonna be a bit tired, but think i can make it". stared at the clock at 3.40am, at 4.15am and again at 5am. that's when i decide not to stress myself out by trying to sleep anymore.

it's funny, coz as i'm typing this, my eyes are so heavy and i feel like i can drop off anytime now. should i attempt again? hmm... dunno

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