Friday, February 02, 2007

bitchy pig

a couple of days ago i was at the shop getting some groceries and fresh produce. there was this fat woman with her toddler son. she was being such a pain in the ass. she being fat, was already blocking up a lot of space. she also took her own sweet time to choose her stuff, leaving the rest of us to wait for her to finish before having the chance to get what WE need.

she was putting her basket (which is already heavily loaded) on tender foodstuff, thus spoiling the less sturdy vegetables. what an ass of a person!!

as we were lining up to paid for our stuff, i had the misfortune to be right behind the wicked witch of the west. her whiny son was hanging on to her fat legs and as she was moving on she bumped her own son and he fell on my foot. i cushioned his skinny little butt with my crocs. and that cunt had the fucking audacity to make a comment sounding like "can't you see a little boy is down ah?" as she didn't have the guts to say that to my face, i didn't think much of it and let it slide. i was just wondering if she really is such a prick of a person who expects a pregnant woman carrying her own groceries to pick up that whiny little brat for her. Jeez!

as we reached the payment counter, she put her basket on the outside of the counter and i hoisted my own on rest on the inside of the counter. that cuntface started berating me for not waiting and cutting queue and pushing her and all that. i knew she was just waiting for the opportunity to say something after all these while. truth to be told, i was itching for a fight with her as well.

as i retorted and counted all her inconsiderations from earlier on, hindering the rest of us shoppers, she just widened her eyes and glared at me as though i was a young kid and should be afraid of her. i found it so ridiculous that she thinks that it's gonna work on me and i almost burst out laughing. i couldn't of course, had to maintain my game face. i squinty-eyed glared(kinda clint eastwood like, at least i'd like to think so) back at her and said, "what the hell is YOUR problem??!!" she was so flabbergasted that she was speechless. my hubby came into the grocers at that very moment and thought that his pregnant wife was being bullied by a fat-assed pig. he very calmly inquired, "are you having a problem with my wife?" i think she got scared at that moment and quickly replied, "no, no". she quickly paid up and left the shop.

i had so wanted to poke her on her pottu and say "YOU THINK I'M SCARED OF YOU LAH, LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!" i know, i know, it would have taken the class out of my composure to do something like that. plus that would have been rude and brought me down to her level. but i so wanted to do that. i didn't, but i wanted to.

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Kentuckianasian said...

Oh no, she didn't!! I take my hat off to you for being the bigger person and not stoop to her level. I'm not certain if I would've done the same thing or beat the crap out of her LOL. Most likely she wouldn't see the sun the next day LMAO