Wednesday, February 07, 2007

celups not welcomed

some years back the information ministry banned the use of pan asian models for our local ads. in recent years, they've relaxed a whole lot and our ads are once again saturated with 'celup' faces. the ministry has now once again putting a blanket over pan asian models in favour of actual local models.

celup is a slang term used to describe malaysians who have western (and by western, i mean white) blood. celup in its original malay context actually means dip. a local malaysian 'dipped" in some western blood hence, celup.

a lot of hue and cry were made by the leading "local" models over this ban. they are saying that they are actually malaysians who are of "pan asian parentage", meaning that one of their parents has some form of 'local blood' in their ancestry.

i do understand that these models are victims of circumstances. who should they blame for this? believe it or not, i think the fault lies at the very people who employ them i.e. the advertisers.

it had been ingrained our our puny minds that 'western' is always better. it must be the colonial influence from way back then before our independence day in 1957 (yes, it takes more than 50 years to change the mindset).

advertisers have it in THEIR puny minds that westerners are better looking than us ugly locals. even those with a tiny drop of western blood are much more beautiful. these advertiser have then brainwashed the public into believing their rationale, "corpse pale skin with round multicoloured eyes and blade like noses" is better than "exotic dusky skinned nymphs with warm mesmerizing dark eyes".

look at the cosmetic counters. a vast majority of their products are whitening. it's always so difficult for me to buy a normal NON-WHITENING skin care product. i barely have any to choose from. i'd prefer a healthy tanned look over the deathly paleness any day.

pan asian does not mean local mixed ancestry however much you try to market that. local mix includes the actual aborigines, chinese, indian, malay plus the smaller LOCAL minorities. it does not include australasians, europeans, americans and all the rest of those. heck, they're not even asians!

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