Monday, April 02, 2007

useless crap excuse for a human being

at our wedding reception, we didn't have the normal guest registration book. we had an easel and some artsy fancy coloured paper with some silver inked pens for our guests to write on.

we wanted to get some frames to put up the coloured paper with the greetings after the wedding and didn't get around to doing it til recently. we were rudely reminded of an arsehole of a guest who scribbled profanities and crude, rude remarks all over the papers. we knew about the incident right after he did it and we kinda forgot about it until we took out them out to frame recently.

this fuck wit of a useless excuse for a human being was drunk and apparently he had beef with one of our guests from before. but this prick not only scribbled on that particular guest's well wishes, he wrote his crude remarks on all the pages, including those of our close friends and relatives. these people didn't even know who the fuck he was.

we had to 'censor' out his remarks by drawing hearts and all sorts of shapes to cover those graffiti.

this stupid josh of the special events works in a field where he has to deal with people all the time, he should have had at least some manners and self restraint. apparently not. no wonder he sucks at what he does. he's the kind of person who salivate at the mention of alcohol and is a blady alco who can't hold his fucking drink. he even fails as an alco. how sad.

i just wish upon him that someone or some event will mar the memories of his wedding day forever, like the way he did ours. what goes around, comes around. karma fucker, karma.


Adam said...

hey! slightly off topic, but I like the hair and have decided to keep it...hehe. even bought some clippers to go with it! heheh!!
Not as lucky as hubby though, he has someone to shave his!

kentucky wildcats' fan said...

There's an ass at every who ruins every effing thing, let me tell ya. Sorry it happened on your special day. Let's just hope that this fucker will get his that will ruin his entire event and his entire memories. What an ass!!!