Thursday, December 27, 2007


i have not been posting at all for the past few months and been quite erratic in the months before that. this is because.........?? i was pregnant and now i'm a MOM!! i'm so busy with my lil boy and i couldn't find time to blog, or if i'm on the net, i'm too lazy to write or pick any of the choices i have below:

no time
too lazy
sleep deprived
cleaning poop
entertaining the lil one
lil one's bawling
time to feed the boy
beddy-bye time
splish splash time

but it's all good :) as all those who have taken the path before me said, "it's very tiring but it's worth it." it is very exhausting, physically, emotionally and mentally, but it's definitely worth every sleep deprived minute. we love Jon to bits!

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Leen Lopez said...

Yup! Sure worth every bit of it. It's an exhausting 24 hour job which I'll do over and over again. I couldn't imagine life without Ry in it. It gets better when they get older though, especially when they start talking...boy, do they hold anything back LOL Enjoy every minute of it. They grow way too fast. I sure can't wait to meet all of you next year! I'm getting anxious!!!