Friday, July 06, 2007

freakin' awesome!!


loved it! absofreakinlutely loved it! i wanna watch it again!... and again...and again...and again...

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Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while lazily searching for any johannian websites that was updated later than 1995... See... I'm a johannian myself, SJI secondary 1987 - 1991. I read your blog 9 sept 2005 on Brother Lawrence. You couldn't have said it better. He's such an angel.. I was a JP (Junior Prefect) from 1988-1989, and moved on to CP (Councillor Prefect) for the rest of the years that I was there. We interacted a lot.. and he even supported me when I went for the School Captain race against a lower sixer, whilst I was only a 4th former.. Gutsy huh... well.. I lost to him but I found out that 75% of the school staffs voted for me.. anyways.. Its comfoting to know that your whole (hubby's) family are johannians... and you seem to fit well with them. For this I applaud you. As not many can fit in!! Are you by any chance a CBNer?

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