Tuesday, February 05, 2008

alright, have it your way then

recently we met up the siblings for lunch and a couple of friends came as well. like us, they are also new parents. as usual, the moms will get together and swap baby stories and experiences. when i mentioned that i can't take seafood as i'm breastfeeding, the other mom gasped and exclaimed that she's been walloping seafood all these while. she turned to her baby's dad and told him that.

instead of saying that it's ok, just don't take anymore in future; he just mumbled, "aiyah, nothing one lah, don't bother lah".

eh, hello? if you don't know what's good for your kid, then listen and learn lah. seafood and shellfish triggers allergies in young babies and toddlers. you're lucky your child didn't react to it.

well, there are parents like that. who don't really bother. i'll just wish them good luck and all the best for your kid. i used to share baby-care knowledge enthusiastically. i've stopped doing so in the last couple of months. i realise that most parents are not really open minded enough to listen and learn about the best care for their child. as for me, if there's something i don't know, i'll ask and find out all i can coz nothing is too good for my lil one.

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