Thursday, November 13, 2008

izzi net sucks... BIG TIME!!

izzi net is such a shitty ISP (not that the rest of the ISP in our little neck of the woods are helluva happening either).

these are the speed test results i got from three different periods of time:

date--------------download speed ---------- upload speed
25may 08--------64 kb/s---------------------- 7 kb/s
28 may 08-------404 kb/s------------------- 67 kb/s
3 june 08---------178 kb/s-------------------- 4 kb/s

1 nov 08----------341 kb/s------------------- 41 kb/s
2 nov 08----------176 kb/s------------------- 16 kb/s

13 nov 08---------215 kb/s------------------- 15 kb/s

pretty sad numbers, ain't it? sux... MEGA HUGE BIG TIME!!

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