Monday, December 06, 2004

wedding preps

sometimes when you hear about the preparation that needs to be done by a close friend or a relative for their wedding, you'd say "i'll never be so unprepared. i'll start early"

well, start early is what we did but yet there is still loads to do, not to mention all the additional stress that all those inconsiderate people will pile on, thinking only of their own well being and sense of fun.

all the big-time and important prep is done, but the small fry ones are the ones that cause the most headache. the last minute additions, the small unforseen items, the little decisions...... ohh man!

sometimes i can understand why people take a wedding vacation rather than having a big do to announce to all relatives and friends.

it feels like the do is to please everyone else but the newlyweds. think about it...

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