Friday, December 17, 2004

ibook for christmas

i got my ibook yesterday! hubster bought it for me as a christmas present! he he he

soooo cooool...

got a great deal, the christmas promotion that was running included a free airport for all ibook purchase.

now i got an ibook AND my internet access is wireless PLUS i can do wireless printing and the airport connects my music to the hifi system as well, so whatever i play from my playlist is channelled to the hifi system. he he he...

i guess my husband is more excited about the whole ibook and the airport... he's set up everything the moment we got home and he's still discovering all the new things, his favourite phrase for the past 2 days is " check this out! check this out! " and " it's sooooo coool!! "

that's all folks. good nite

p.s. and yes, i am blogging this on my brand new ibook

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