Friday, December 31, 2004

ushering in a brand new year

this will be my first new year as a wife. i recently got married and at midnite i'll be ushering the new year with the man of my life.

there have been recent events that saddens the heart. tsunami.even if for the grace of God i wasn't personally affected by the tragedy, i couldn't find any happiness or joy for the upcoming new year. then i read my sister-in-law's blog and it was uplifting. her writing made me see things from another angle. give a hand to the unfortunate and in turn heal ourselves.

thanks girl.


sunhands said...

My happinest and joy is you. No matter what happens, it is the best new for me.

sunhands said...

My spelling strikes out again. I meant to say that no matter what has happen and the suffering around the world, it is the best New Year for me as I have you as my wife. I LOVE YOU