Saturday, September 24, 2005

sitting at home

i am sitting at home writing this on a saturday night. my husband's kinda always busy with all his work and events and all, and this time round work has taken him to penang, a town about 400km away. he'll be back only be tomorrow night.

i normally use these moments as my down time, where i do some quiet stuff that i enjoy like reading, writing, photography, some tv, some music (can't do that this time round due to poor hearing quality caused by ear infection), some thinking, a bit of soul searching... basically chillin' with lil ol meself.

i do enjoy these moments, though not too much coz i really love my husband's company and i do miss him.

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Zab said...

I know what you mean. With me Jason is always at home but I had two nights last week when he stayed back after work to play games so I spent time reading, chilling and doing what I used to do when I was alone in my room - I DANCED!!! 2 hours straight. Practising my salsa moves and then just doing silly moves - whatever I felt like doing with the music. It was awesome! Cheers to ALONE time!