Wednesday, March 08, 2006


i am ill again!! just gotten over a bad bout of flu, was up and running, and now i'm down again with a bad cold, cough and fever.

i really hate this shitty feeling. feel so useless and lethargic and just plain bleakh!

i'm almost certain i know who i got this from, and i feel like throttling his scrawny neck!!!

i was at a outdoor concert last weekend, and one of the audio production guys spittled in my face (right in the nose and mouth area some more!) as he was talking. so rude. do something about that disgusting habit dude.

i found out a couple of days ago that he's on medical leave coz he's sick. and on that same day, i fell ill.

been falling ill pretty often lately, hmmm.... guess it' time i start hitting the gym again to get some exercise and to boost up my fitness level... will go when i'm well again. can't go when i'm ill and feeling like shit can i???

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spuNkymoNky said...

hey sis... you should go see somebody cause you get sick very easily... we all worried about you..

lost of love,

p.s: you guys gonna be uncle & aunty come this November..