Friday, April 21, 2006

da vinci badaboom

i love 'da vinci code' by dan brown. absolutely love it. it's a great piece of writing. adore 'angels and demons' too. another great piece of work. not much can be said of his 2 other novels though. quite yucky.

most of us would have read, or at least heard of the 'da vinci code'. loads of christians are jumping on the bandwagon of the big hoo ha debunking the work of dan brown.

take a walk into a bookshop. is the book in the history or religious section? or is it in the FICTION area?

why are the load of you so-called sanctimonious bastards so quick to point fingers and accuse a piece of FICTION as being sacrilegious? can a some words on paper bound in a book known as FICTION shake a belief of thousands of years? will the world be that stupid and hail 'da vinci code' as the new Bible?

is your faith so weak that the fictional words of one mere man is enough to send you running around defending your own religious beliefs?

get a grip and manage your own actual belief in the Lord. Going to church and putting the biggest amount in the donation plate, and singing the loudest, and praying at the pews with your eyes closed the tightest DOES NOT gain you automatic entrance into heaven. and all you supposed leaders out there. since when did politics come into play in the House of GOD? is your calling to teach us all about the good of mankind or is it to collect the most money and build the biggest cathedral or hall or to be the most powerful amongst the men of cloth?

greed. pride. envy. these are among the 7 deadly sins.

a person's religious beliefs is between him and God. no one else comes in between. not you, not me, and certainly not dan brown.

oh, did i tell you that i was brought up a christian? i'll say a prayer all of you self righteous fools out there. you need it.

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sunhands said...

I totally agree with you, and by doing all that they are making a work of fiction to be true.
Sometime I believe people are so insecure with their own faith that they worry what other people say about it. Just believe in your heart for what you believe is true and no one can ever take it away from you.