Wednesday, April 19, 2006

my computing hours

i've been sitting in front of my computer for hours. going through my flickr site, reading blogs, emailing, some googling, some writing, some photoshopping, etc, etc, etc.

so many thoughts are running thru my head as i surf the net. my own little contribution to the web-sphere seems so minute. i don't really care about that actually, i just do what i do and that's it.

do i have nothing else better to do? nope. not at the moment. no projects, no cleaning, no cooking, no tv, no reading, no nothing. just sit and stare and type and click.

as i sit here, i look around. my mac is nice and white. just cleaned it a couple of days back. no smudges, no black fingerprints, no dust. YaY!

my back is aching due to my poor posture.

my hubsterman just called and asked if i wanted to go with him to pick up his funky new specs. nope.

the world wide web takes me away from my own dreary life. for that moment i'm in somebody else's life. i read their writings, their reviews, their research, their input. i see thru their eyes in their photographs. i see their sense of colours in their art. sometimes i even feel like a voyeur, when they post their innermost thoughts and feelings. i'd imagine what their lives are like. but do i wanna be them? nah, i make up my own fantasies.

i do most of my projects on the computer. on the net and otherwise. the world of communication has become so advanced that i can email and post and send my stuff all on the net, and seconds later, someone on the other side of this earth is looking at it. i tell you, the net is meant for people with writing deadlines.

do i spend loads of hours on the net? not really. do i spend loads of hours on the computer? sometimes. especially when i'm on a project.

i'm signing off now. got to do other stuff on the computer.

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