Saturday, May 20, 2006

i hate going downtown... i'll make an exception for coliseum

i had to go downtown a few times in the past week. i really HATE going into town. unless i have some appointment, or events or when i absolutely, absolutely HAVE to go, i avoid it at all costs.

"what about shopping?", you say. i'll get what i need in the suburban malls.

zach, my bro-in-law is getting married to his luv-luv soon, and my mumzie-in-law bought us girls some cloth to sew the kebaya 'uniform' that we're all suppose to wear for the occasion. the dang tailor is DOWNTOWN!

fine. went, got measured, put down deposit and left. i was dreading the next trip to collect the kebaya. the tailor woman calls me up two days later to tell me that the embroidery in the cloth is lopsided. i have to make an ADDITIONAL trip to get the cloth changed. why can't she see the fault the first time i was there? she opened up the cloth to look and all. ISH!!

i went to collect the kebaya today, and my hubsterman was sweet enough to drive smack into downtown traffic. also, i have the company of my sweetie sista-in-law izan (she's married to my hubsterman's older bro, joshua). she's one of my favouritest person in the family. those two plus points made the trip more enjoyable.

but the best part of this last foray downtown was when we were feeling hungry and wondered where to have lunch. suddenly, hubsterman proclaimed, "COLISEUM! Let's go Coliseum!". we went a couple of round looking for parking and the traffic system is totally horrendous.

COLISEUM is totally worth it all. the hassle, the traffic, the whole trip. the food and atmosphere is awesome! love every single minute and taste of it. delish!

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