Friday, May 05, 2006

ugly kevin

i recently came aross this really ugly looking twat name kevin. he talks real big. loves to throw around names of celebrities and people that i'm sure he's not even met. apparently he blogs as well. i really didn't wanna find out his blog address. i'm sure it's as annoying and lightweight as he is. oh yeah, it seems that he's gay and proud of it. there's nothing wrong with being gay, just don't be so "in your face" about it. it's classier that way.

"why am i writing about him then?" you ask. well, i'm just using him as an example of all the irritating small fries out there. these people are like pesky flies. buzzing around and smearing shit and bugs and other disgusting what-nots on people. they are many "lil flies" out there. have had the misfortune to meet some of them, and i'm sure i'll meet a few more along the way.

why do these people so eager to name drop and pushy? have they not heard of good manners? i, too can be as bitchy as the next diva, but these people are just downright trashy.

there. now that i've said my piece, i can brush these minnows off the fringe of my irritation.

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