Friday, May 05, 2006

no sleep

i just couldn't go to sleep. been up the whole night. got even more tired by rolling around in bed trying to sleep for over 2 hours. finally got out of bed. got on the computer, and at about six in the morning i heard this really loud clacking sound coming from the front yard. got out to investigate. turns out to be the water filter backwash meter. been having problems with it since last week. called the water filter company and they said that it'll take about a week to get a replacement as they've ran out of stock. that was 6 days ago. the freaking company still have not replaced it. spent another 10 mins frantically trying to figure out how to open it up. didn't want to wake up my neighbours. yes, it was THAT loud. finally managed to open it up and had a slight electric shock dismantling it. finger still hurts. dang!

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