Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a tribute to homemakers


have any of us ever thought that being a homemaker is a piece of cake? well think again. i've played many roles in life. i've been a child, a student, an employee, and a mean ass bitchy boss. i've been in many industries before namely, designer perfume counters, hotel, antiquities, advertising, beverage, writing, talent cum project management.

now that i'm working from home, taking care of the household needs is also my responsibility. the cleanliness, the stocking of food, groceries and supplies, the washing, the laundry, the cooking, the utilities, the maintenance, the worries (yes, there's always worries), the finances, the list goes on and on and on. i can't imagine how those with young kids cope.

the stress level is sky high. if you were to say that a working woman has a lot to deal with in the corporate world and their stress levels are even higher, with the workload, and responsibilies, and deadlines, and office politics, and clients, and bosses and colleagues and subordinates to deal with. i beg to differ. i've been there in the corporate world. i know what it's like. managing a home is all that and more. plus, we've got family to think about. that's a HUGE responsibility. most working women have families too. yeah well, most of them have maids and nannies to take a big chunk of that off their hands. now, if you're saying a working woman WITHOUT a maid or a nanny or help of any kind...then she's a superhuman. i reslute her.

a homemaker need strong shoulders and helping hands. remember that the next time you think of the comfort of your home.

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