Wednesday, August 16, 2006

just float

A better tomorrow....
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i'm feeling down this past couple of days and i've been having trouble sleeping again. it seems that i never did get over my bout of depression. there's been so much on my mind and i don't think i know how to relax anymore. moreover, today i just got some news that had just shot my stess levels thru the roof.

how does one cope? i just wish i know.

knowing full well that i can't really shake all these thoughts from my mind completely, i turned on my mac and started surfing my favourite sites. i saw this poster a friend made on her photostream. the words just jumped out at me. she had her own reasons for those lines, but i somehow i just felt that it was just what i needed to hear too.

thanks Leena for sharing those words with us.


kentucky wildcats' fan said...

Hi sweetie,
I'm not sure what you're going through right now but if you ever want a shoulder to wet on or someone to just listen, I'm all ears and I'm here for you anytime of any day. Here's sending you lots of hugs in hope to make you feel better.

TwoHands said...

thanks Leena =)

sometimes life just gets a little bit too hard to handle i suppose. and right now i've got so much on my platter of worries and stress. it's too overwhelming at the mo.

my sista girl Sherizan also offered to listen and talk the moment she saw my blog this morning. it does lighten my heart to know that i have her whom i love very much, and you whom i've never met but who has shown me so much affection and care.and i'm doubly grateful to sherizan who introduced me to flickr, and that's where i made your aquaintance.

i'm not ready to talk it out just yet, maybe one day soon, and i'm glad to have your offer to listen.

thank you so much for those lines of comfort and for the offer to listen. it means a lot to me.

kentucky wildcats' fan said...

Hey, it's Leen :P Belum jumpa dah confused ke? Anyway,I just want you to know that you're not obligated to share but if you just feel like cussing, if it makes you feel all means ;-) Yes, I too have grown fond of you even if we've never spoken or met in person but that doesn't mean that feeling of care can't grow. I'm glad Leena introduced me to Flickr too because I've made all kinds of new friends whom I really care and you being one of 'em. Here's sending you a BIG HUG hoping you feel better. Keep telling yourself, this too shall pass.

TwoHands said...

Gosh Leen, i'm so, so sorry. i've made such a big mistake over your name and wrote Leena's instead. i swear to you that in my mind i was thinking of you when i wrote that. the extra 'a' just popped out. i think i now know who some men feels when they mistakenly call out their ex-wife's name when they are with a new wife =D



Kentuckianasian said...

My dear, that's from my photostream lah. Man, you really got both our names mixed up. Don't fret, it happens all the time.

Okay, maybe it sounds cliché but life is like riding a bicycle. You don't fall off unless you stop pedaling. The harder obstacle we face in life, the stronger we become. I keep telling friends, after the series of death of my beloved ones, just throw me any kind of sh*t, I think I can handle it better than I could in the past.

I really hope whatever pain you're dealing with now will come to an end. When the water's rough, and the winds are tough,remember...I'm always there for you. *hugs*

TwoHands said...

alamak! i boo booed again, didn't i? sorry leena. ok, ok. lemme get this corrected on the blog once and for all.

sorry ladies. thousand apologies =)

Anonymous said...


Life sucks. I've been on a downward spiral for god knows how long already. So if you ever find out how to get out of it, let me know.

In the mean time, lets just take pleasure in the little things. Lets float.


TwoHands said...

Hi Zab,

yeah, i agree life sucks. sometimes it sucks bigtime and sometimes it sucks smalltime.

nope, i haven't found the magic that'll take all of us out of our own ruts, so in the meantime, we'll all just float and enjoy the little pleasures in life. knowing that i have your love and care is one big joy that touches me greatly. thanks sista girl =)