Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the line between carpe diem and responsibilities

recently some books that i've been reading and some shows that i saw on the telly have been preaching the ideology of carpe diem, "seize the day" and "live life like there's no tomorrow" and "have no regrets". well actually the whole thing was to truly love someone and the carpe diem theory.

yeah, so if i live like there's no tomorrow, and i do all i want to do and not to leave any stone unturned for any regrets, and i wake up the next day; am i suppose to face the consequences? like for example, i blow all the money i have to buy all that my heart desires one evening, what am i gonna live on if i do get up the next morning? not-so-fresh air??

on the other hand, if i have to plan all everything and make calculated sacrifices now, how will i know that i would not regret a missed opportunity or something of that sort later on when i'm on my deathbed?

so how do i know where to draw the line? even if i seize the day and do things that does not hurt or affect anyone or anything else, how do i know how far to go? will i be "seizing the day" fully if i don't take that risk and go to the extreme?

in moderation you say. i really don't think that 'moderation' was in the context when they say "seize the day". it'll probably go like "pinch the day".

so where's the line between seize and pinch? a nudge perhaps?

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