Tuesday, April 17, 2007

hubby's nose replicated!!!... and some other tale

went for my ante-natal check up yesterday and our little one was once again being submitted to some heartbeat monitoring and scans. when the sonicaid was placed on my belly to listen for the heartbeat, Dot (that's what we call our lil one as we do not want to find out beforehand what the sex of our child is) started banging away at the device. the doctor lifted and reapplied the sonicaid to my belly 3 times, and all 3 times Dot whacked away at it. after that it was the ultrasound scan and when the doctor was scanning the face area, she exclaimed, "the nose very high!" and she pointed at hubby and said, "got your nose lah".

earlier when we were waiting for to see the doctor, there was this dude who was talking a whole load of crap to a pregnant woman and her family members. from what i can make out of the conversation (no, i wasn't eavesdropping, he was sharing it with the whole waiting room area), this appu is one of those direct selling fella dealing in food supplements. the lady he was talking to seems to be either a client of his or an acquaintance. ok, this is what i gathered:

- she just came back from somewhere else, that's why she's here for her first ante-natal visit with this doctor when she's already about 4 months pregnant

- he's the one who introduce the doctor to her as his wife used the same doctor

- she's a young mom-to-be in her early twenties

this is what he told her:

- amniocentesis is done with a blood test, not with the amniotic fluid, and it is done AFTER the 20th week of pregnancy

- at four months pregnant, it is mostly impossible to determine the sex of the child

- only women need calcium (What?!!? men got no bones ah??)

- he and his wife did the amnio test coz they weren't planning to continue with the pregnancy if the test for down syndrome is positive

- he is skilled at palm and eyeball reading (whatever the heck that was!??) to tell a person's health condition

- 3 capsules a day of whatever the heck supplement he was selling is sufficient daily iron intake for pregnant women (which the doctor denied and said that no way is that enough at all for a pregnant woman. i suppose the lady went in with her bottle of supplement and asked the doctor about it. HA HA HA! the dude started mumbling something about his wife increased her daily dosage of the supplement at some point in her own pregnancy, with which the client/acquaintance retorted, "no, doctor say not good enough, must take actual iron supplement or obimin". after that, the stupid fella straightaway shut up. HaH!!

- a pregnant woman going for a scan should always be accompanied by a family member as she won't be able to see the screen showing the baby because she's lying down... at least that's the case with his wife... i wonder, how was his wife lying down that she can't see the screen???

i just hope that the young woman doesn't believe anything he says as they are all FALSE!! gosh what a conman! i so wished that when the woman went in for her turn to see the doctor, he approaches me to sell something or just to strike up a conversation. i would have loved the opportunity to blast him to smithereens!! KA POW!

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