Friday, April 06, 2007

warner... war-ner loser

chester bennington of linkin park was down here in malaysia recently and warner music was looking at my hubby to host his press con. it seems that chester remembered hubby from a few years ago and asked the warner dudes if hubby could do it.

there was to be 2 sessions. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. there's no way that hubby could do the morning session, but he agreed to the afternoon session. the dude from warner music malaysia said that only a minimal (if any) fee would be offered. hubby quoted for his lowest fee possible ever. heck, he'd do it for free! after all it is chester bennington, and hubby really liked this guy from before.

the dude from warner who dealt with this affair is such an incompetent poop. being my hubby's personal manager i had the misfortune of dealing with this nut. i think he balked at the fact that a token fee is requested. if he had the balls and had been honest about the whole thing and said that there'll be no fee, i would have happily said ok on behalf of hubby. instead, he gave me some cock and bull about not wanting to engage hubby coz he can't make it for the morning session and warner didn't want the hassle of having another briefing in the afternoon just for hubby. he kept pressing on the fact that hubby's company was the official host and they'll be very involved in the whole thing. eh, hello, duh!! as if i didn't know. i recommended some other personnel to host the thing, and the nut gave me some crap about these people not being professional or competent enough to do it. these people work would have been perfect for the job, it's just that they are not "big names" in the industry. that's not how you decline, you nut. how insulting can this representative from warner music malaysia get??

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