Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the day i couldn't waddle fast enough

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a couple of weeks back was father's day and i wanted to get a card for my hubby as we're expecting our firstborn soon.

as it wouldn't be very nice or pleasant to have him there while i'm choosing and paying for the card, i tried to send him off on some errands while we were at the mall.

as the bookshop was about 2 floors down, i had to move quickly enough to get the card and come back upstairs. asking a very pregnant woman to move quickly is like asking a tortoise to beat a F1 car in a race!

true enough, hubby was back before i could even hit the escalators to go downstairs. there goes plan A.

father's day came and i still have no card. was getting kinda upset. i had no choice but to confess to him that evening that i couldn't waddle fast enough to get him a card. he was being so sweet about it and that made me feel even more guilty and upset. he actually took me round to go shop for a card that evening itself but the bookshops had already ran out of father's day cards by then. it was more like, "better luck next year".

came home feeling very, very shitty and in the end i made my own card for hubby after he's gone to bed and gave it to him the day AFTER father's day. true to his loving self, he loved the card and propped it on the chest of drawers right next to our bed so that he can see it the moment he wakes up in the mornings :-)

... have i told you how much i love my hubby? what's there not to love?

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sunhands said...

I love the card very much. It was really from the heart. Thank you so much my love