Monday, July 03, 2006

insomniac hates chronic hoarders

what kind of hoarders do i hate? all hoarders actually. but at the moment i hate bandwidth hoarders.

i couldn't sleep... yes, again. i decided get my butt out of bed and go on the net. it was fine when i logged on at 5.15 am, but it just got bad at about 6ish. this seems to be the case around this time of the day. i'm guessing it's these idiotic schoolkids from the morning session or some college or uni stu-pids. why do i suspect these fools? well, the timing. the hoggers will clog up the port early in the morning (probably just before they leave for school), and in the afternoon just before 2pm and in the evenings. oh yeah, also late at nite in the weekends and eve of public holidays and schoolbreak periods. makes sense?

especially with all the downloading that youngsters do nowadays, these freaking assholes hog up all the bandwidth. moreover, the internet providers here are another bunch of hopeless assholes.

just had to vent.

*note - the connection seemed to have improved slightly now. why? i guess it's because those no-parent-to-teach-them-hoarding-is-bad group of ninnies are off to school already. timecheck. it's 7.19am

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kentucky wildcats' fan said...

That's shitty of the broadband in Malaysia. You'd think by paying that much a pain, you'd have less interruptions and drop-offs but nooooo!!!! But come to think of it, broadband being new in Malaysia, there are a lot of hiccups and hurdles they need to overcome before getting to the "tolerable" stage for its users. Hang in there, hon. It'll get better. Those damn students LOL!