Monday, July 10, 2006

mojo with paco


well after over a monh of searching and choosing and thinking, i decided to name my dSLR OJO. Ojo means 'eye' in spanish. i named my nikon slr 'cyclops' and i wanted to name my dslr 'cyclops' in spanish, but apparently there's no direct translation. in the beginning i wanted to name him 'montana' but somehow, it didn't really fit.

but after more thinking, i don't think the name Ojo really fits. i wanted a real name, and a name with meaning. i looked and searched some more, and one name stood out. PACO. it's a real name, and it means bald eagle, or a free man. i love the animal it represents, and need i say more about a free man? Paco. Paco. even feels good to have the word rolling off my tongue.

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