Monday, July 10, 2006

security clothes

you know how it is like that small children (and some adults) have security blankets or "bantal busuk", this is about my 'security clothes', clothes which i love so much that i do not throw away even when they are faded and old and almost torn.

1. my slinky navy blue drawstrings. i've had this for more than 10 years and i've mended it at least twice. still have them and use them occasionally. still looks almost brand new

2. blue and white striped bodysuit. had it in the early 90s. have finally discarded it since it has gone way out of shape.

3. levis 501s. had this pair for nine years. it's now very worn at the butt and thigh areas. tearing at the knees. i've got new levis 501s but this one holds a very dear place in my heart.

4. sleeveless black blouse. this one is almost like a vest. V necked, buttons down the front and has that little tie thingies at the back. it was supposed to be dry cleaned, but my mom threw it in the wash after the first time i wore it. it shrunk. still wearable, but became very form fitting and i can't use it the moment i put on more than a couple of pounds. finally threw it out when it almost disintergrated.

5. my blue evisu baby T. this one is about two years old. still pretty ok. but i guess it's gonna be with me for a looooonng time to come.

6. denim coloured fitting bodice flared skirt summer dress. had this when i was in college. got me loads of dates. imagine a 18 year old bearing her shoulders in a dress that hugs her boobies, waist and hip, and flares out in a flirty skirt. got the picture?

7. my ever faithful green checked sarong. i wear sarong and men's singlet to bed. for those of you in the know, when it comes to sarongs, the longer you have them, the more worn and comfortable they become. my green sarong has a big gaping hole. i hide this hole by folding the front of my sarong over it. and yes, i still use it.

8. which brings me to my renoma men's singlet. this is the ribbed white type and i've had it for about nine years. it's got little holes but it's still my favourite.


kentucky wildcats' fan said...

Oh I'm with you totally. You're like me. Hard to let certain things go. I've had my "bantal Busuk" for over 17 years now. I just parted with it here recently as there's a "koyak" spot on it. I'm too lazy to stitch it back. But I'm definitely gonna get it done soon. I had my embarassing moment when I packed that in one of them boxes and got it shipped from KL all the way to the US LOL. Yeah, I was the laughing stock among my family members hehe. These things represent you, Corey. It's who you are.

lilpixie said...

Hellooooooo corey!..cory?...... still dunno how to spell ur name after all this time... how have u been???......... i miss u guys la..... call also dun wan pick or phone no changed? craig and i wondering wad has happened to the most chirpy couple lar....... have u got kids yet? ............


Anonymous said...

harro lina =)

we're doing ok. didn't know you finally got your internet line set up oredi. how's things with you guys? ok or not?

aiyoh, i changed number sometime back oredi and smsed you the new number wat. anyways, i think we called you up on your birthday =D

aisay into roller hockey nowadays i see. no more badminton ah?

when you and craig are free, come over lah to our house. haven't been to hartamas in yonks wei. must visit you all oso lah.